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Makar Sankranti

Friends, 14th January is a very special day for Indians. While whole of India celebrate it as ‘makar sankranti, the harvest festival celebrated under many names across India.Punjabis celebrate it as Lohri, in the night of 13th January. They light bonfire and dance ‘gidda’ and ‘bhangra’ around it and savour sweets like rewari, laddus andContinue reading “Makar Sankranti”

Power to the women

“There are many stories on how the Divine Mother appeared to restore peace and order by slaying the asuras,demons. These asuras are symbols of the negative forces that can overtake us anytime. Navaratri is the celebration of prana, spirit, which alone can destroy these asuras.”- Sri Sri Ravi Shanker. Hello friends, I wish you allContinue reading “Power to the women”

The King of Fruits.

Hello friends, for some time I wanted to tell you about an amazing summer fruit, which can be easily designated as the king of fruits! My all Indian friends can easily guess that it is none other than the mango!! If I say that the chief attraction of the quite oppressively humid Kolkata summer, forContinue reading “The King of Fruits.”

All about Tandoori Tea

Friends, do you know the word almost synonymous with the Indian food? If guessed, tandoori, than you are spot on! Although tandoori is Punjabi way of searing the assortments of spiced foodstuffs ranging from chicken,  paneer, mutton or lamb. The marinated pieces are skewered in long seekh (iron rods) then roasted by putting them directlyContinue reading “All about Tandoori Tea”

The Twin Warriors of Immunity.

Friends, before telling you more about our rural stay experience, I wanna share with you two very simple remedies which can boost up our immunity. Precisely when,there is a nip in the air and winter is ready to set in.  Apparently this weather change time, make people more prone to ailments like cough, cold andContinue reading “The Twin Warriors of Immunity.”

Patisaptas: a sweet cuisine of Bengal.

Friends, today I would like to introduce you to a special Bangla delicacy ,which I vouch, every Bengali  might call it their favorite.  It’s ‘Patisapta’ a pancake like concoction with a lip-smacking filling of sweetened ‘khoya'( dried condensed milk).Some scraped coconut and date jaggery add another zing to the filling. These patisaptas are generally preparedContinue reading “Patisaptas: a sweet cuisine of Bengal.”

Malpuas by Chance.

Friends, my last few blogs dealt with some heavy duty topics like anger, jealousy, hunger etc, so I felt its time to talk about something lighter and that is making of ‘malpuas” and that too without its season. I think  more or less every Indian must be acquainted with this sinfully sweet delicacy prepared withContinue reading “Malpuas by Chance.”