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The intrigue of a lost cigarette case.

Hello friends, when we were younger, always game for the stories told by our visiting elders. As they were the days sans cable TV and bombardment of social media, kids always were eager to listen to the interesting events, as happened to their elders. They might be sometimes real, sometimes imaginary, nevertheless, the attention quotientContinue reading “The intrigue of a lost cigarette case.”

Marriage, an Anecdote.

Hello friends! Isn’t it a million dollar question for today’s generation, whether to take the plunge or not! No -no, not in a cold swimming pool or something like that. I actually mean the precipitous decision of getting married or not. There is first compatibility issue to ponder on, beside surrendering lifestyle independence and panderingContinue reading “Marriage, an Anecdote.”

The Strange Case of a Snake and a Beauty cream Tube

Friends,  you must be wondering what a snake is doing  with a beauty  cream tube. I was equally astounded after coming to terms with the  facts. Actually,  one morning,  during  my daily ritual of going through  fresh and crisp newspaper with a tea cup in my hand, suddenly my attention was caught by a strange Continue reading “The Strange Case of a Snake and a Beauty cream Tube”