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Let’s Break the Cocoon!

Hello friends, we’re all cautiously progressing towards a vaccinated and more safer world. Hope we can all be successfully avert the further onslaught of the merciless enemy. We shouldn’t in any way, drop our guards, now that the infections are ebbing. Masking, social distancing and hand sanitzing must become a part of our daily livesContinue reading “Let’s Break the Cocoon!”


The New Bride and Her Shopping List

Hello friends, hope you all are safe and healthy, by the grace of God. Currently this is the best, one could wish for! I’m trying my best to distract myself and to an extent, you too, from the present state of affairs. In this effort I’m gonna tell you the the trial and triumphs ofContinue reading “The New Bride and Her Shopping List”

The Atrocities on Men!

Hello friends, if I ask you, “which act of women, their men consider most atrocious ?” The unanimous answer might be a visit to any departmental or retail store, they are tugged along with the women in their lives, she might happen to be his wife , mother, daughter, sister or girlfriend. More the womenContinue reading “The Atrocities on Men!”

Devil in The Guise Of Jealousy.

Friends, it’s time to deal with the devil. In my last two blogs I discussed about the two of the three of man’s greatest enemy, that were desire and anger. Now we’ll try to find ways to tame the devil called jealousy. No human of these world can convincingly vouch for the fact that theyContinue reading “Devil in The Guise Of Jealousy.”