Cheers to the Women.

Hello friends, I wish Happy Women’s day to all my friends in advance. As any celebration remains incomplete without everyone joining in, so let’s mark the occasion together. Let’s raise the proverbial toast for the health, happiness and well being of all. For all my women friends in particular, out there, I specially wish forContinue reading “Cheers to the Women.”

A slice of life in a ladies compartment of a local train.

Friends,  today I’ll try to give you a glimpse of the local train of Kolkata, specifically a ladies compartment. Only the one who have a first hand experience of traveling in  it, can agree with me that it’s indeed a unique one. We all know that these local trains are the lifeline, connecting the suburbsContinue reading “A slice of life in a ladies compartment of a local train.”

Power to the women

“There are many stories on how the Divine Mother appeared to restore peace and order by slaying the asuras,demons. These asuras are symbols of the negative forces that can overtake us anytime. Navaratri is the celebration of prana, spirit, which alone can destroy these asuras.”- Sri Sri Ravi Shanker. Hello friends, I wish you allContinue reading “Power to the women”

The Atrocities on Men!

Hello friends, if I ask you, “which act of women, their men consider most atrocious ?” The unanimous answer might be a visit to any departmental or retail store, they are tugged along with the women in their lives, she might happen to be his wife , mother, daughter, sister or girlfriend. More the womenContinue reading “The Atrocities on Men!”

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