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Celebrating the Art of Photography.

Cover pic ctsy: My son, Aditya

Hello friends, on the occasion of world photography day, I wish a very happy, meaningful, memorable and aesthetic photographic journey to all, who are interested in this art. The advent of quality camera fitted in the Android phones, have made photographers out of every body today, although of varied proficiency and skill. Nevertheless we get to see so many exquisite photographs of nature, people, their customs, ceremonies and colourful festivals. The social media has also facilitated to share and view such a wide array of photography, right at the reache of our fingertips.

On 19 August, every year the World Photography Day is observed worldwide to celebrate the art, craft, science and history of photography. The history of this day can be traced to the announcement of French government of offering the first ever ‘daguerreotype’ photographic process, a gift free to the world. Since then the art of photography has come a long way.

There are so many priceless memories and stories hidden in our old photographs. It makes us laugh and sometime teary, just looking at them. They are the real treasure trove! The piece of life we have left behind are refreshed once again.

From the black and white photos of our older generation to the state of the art gems of the present one, each photograph give a glimpse of the story it weaves. We sometimes watch it mesmerized by their grandeur or the artistic expression or just simplest expression of emotions.

Friends, art in any form gives us happiness, the veritable food for the soul. Let us all spread the wings of our creativity and indulge in some form of art, stealing some times out of our busy schedules and spread the happy vibes all around.

Here are a few snaps clicked by my son Aditya.


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