Republic Day: A Retrospection

Hello friends, I wish a very happy Republic Day to my all fellow Indians. On this day, on 26th January, 1950, our country became a Republic by adopting her own constitution. Our constitution is a written one, the entire set of rules and laws relying on which, the entire country is governed. We did get independence three years prior to this,that is 15th August 1947 but became self dependent in real sense on this day, just like a three year old toddler starts eating, walking or talking on it’s own confidently.

India, has come a long way in establishing herself as a robust democracy and self reliant economy. She has also acquired the capabilities to defend her borders and internal disturbances with her strategically strong army, efficient intelligence agencies and vigilant police. Last year for once, she looked faltering when there was shortage of vaccine and the deadly second wave was raging like a wildfire. But eventually the Central Government had tied its loosened strings faster and situation was brought under control sooner rather than later.

If we care to retrospect, then will find that upto 1000 AD, India was considered a golden bird for her immense wealth and prosperity. Allured by it, Mahmud of Ghazni( Central Asia) attacked her 17 times, in a span of 26 years and plundered her riches as much as his blind greed could allow. The seeds of disunity among Indian states had started showing consequences. In 1192, Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chouhan despite getting squarely thrashed by the latter in first battle of Terrain, just one year before. If Ghori wasn’t given a reprieve from Prithviraj and allowed him to regroup and attack again, the foreign invaders wouldn’t have got the opportunity to enhace their foothold. For that matter, if other regional kings stood united with him to fighr the external enemy, our history might not have been the same.

The defeat marked the advent of the foreign rule, starting from the Deihi Sultanet, Mughal dynasty and then the British rule India was descending to newer bottoms during this roughly thousand years of medieval to modern times ( 1129 – 1947 ). It was into the oblivion and misery of poverty, superstition, untouchabilty and lack of modern education. During the early colonial rule (1764 -1947)Indians almost forgot that they were ever going to be independent again, apparently resigning to their fate of overlordship and exploitation. The occurrence of severe famines and apathy of imperial rulers brought further despondency.

The drain of wealth, destruction of local industries by flooding the market with foreign made cheap industrial goods by the British rulers were rampant.This latent seething anger and dissatisfaction gave rise to our freedom movement. We can say our path to redeeming our lost self worth actually began when the fire of independence kindled in every Indian heart. ‘Purna Swaraj’ first proposed in 1929 in Lahore session of Indian National Congress, at last became a reality in 15th August 1947. A fairly long protracted struggle for independence was fought. In the mass movement thousands sacrificed their life and bore undescribable torture and jail terms. More they were repressed by imperial rulers, more people resurrected to take them on.

As an ode to the young freedom fighter of Indian freedom movement, the Urdu poet Bismill Azimabadi has composed – “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil me hai, dekhna hai jor kitna baju – e – quatil me hai“. It means our hearts are ready to sacrifice ourselves, let’s see how powerful our oppresser are!

Friends, we should not forget how premium our independence is! Let’s all strive to steer our beloved country towards the path of further progress nd prosperity. We can do that by persuing whichever profession we are, with sincerity and integrity. If we put in a little extra effort to uplift the downtrodden around us, the society will get enriched and more vibrant. On this happy occasion of Republic Day let’s all come together to live in harmony within and outside.

Stay happy and safe.

Adieu for now.

The Discovery

To drink pure water from a shallow pond, one should gently take the water from the surface without disturbing it in the least…..If you desire to be pure, have firm faith and slowly go on with your devotional practices without wasting your energy in useless scriptural discussions and arguments. —–Sri Ramakrishna.

Hello friends, the endless debate and arguments can go on regarding the ways of practicing devotion to God. Specially in Hindu religion there various ways and rituals propounded by our ancestors to show our devotion and please God. In my earlier post I had mentioned that Lord Krisna himself emphasized two ways of worshipping God. First through rituals and idol worshipping and other through meditating Him single mindedly without any distraction.

In current uncertain times, the support of Almighty is required by us mortals more than ever before. The much revered saint of Bengal, Sri Ramakrishna in the above featured quote stresses on the simplicity and sincerity regarding our interaction with God. He says to connect with the Supreme Power in any which way you deem suitable without worrying about the aspect of traditional ways described in scriptures or go on wasting your time debating about it. If true devotion is there one can connect with God sitting in one’s own bed. The crux of the matter is, how ardently we concentrate on Him.

Another saint I would like to mention is Kabir, a respected figure among all the religion. In one of his famous couplet, he says, ‘Dukh mey sumiran sab karey, sukh mey karey na koi, jo sukh mey sumiran karey to dukh kahey ko hoi.‘ It means that people pray and seek God at the time of sorrow and pain, nobody does at the time of happiness. If one start remembering God in happiness then why there would be any pain and sorrow?

Friends, as far as my experience goes, in my tryst with God, I use to worship every morning with flowers, sweet and dry fruit offerings, incense stick and holy mantras. It provides me peace and confidence. But sometimes to my own exasperation I find myself thinking about what to cook today or other wordly thoughts while going through my worship rituals. As we all know that our mind is fickle, it tends to deflect in many directions all the time. Our aim should be to make a continuous effort to tame it and try to concentrate on the matter at hand.

If we sincerely pray to God in any which way, He is bound to listen. It entirely depends on our individual devotion to get our soul (atma) become one with the Almighty (parmatma) who in fact reside inside each of us. The quest is to discover it.

Thanks for reading. Stay happy and healthy.

Adieu for now.

Pc: Riya, flowers in our housing society.

Morning Shows the Day or….

Painting courtesy: Riya, a birthday gift to me.

Hello friends, we all have heard that morning shows the day but it was proved literally wrong in my case. Today when I got up in the morning about 7.45 am (it was the weekend afterall), there was no sign of bright sun trickling in. I apprehensively lifted a corner of the curtains to peek outside. Dark clouds had gathered and rain was pouring down so heavily that it looked no quick respite in sight. As it is the day I was born many years ago, I felt quite dejected and decided to glide back into the warmed refuge of the quilt.

But before sleep could claim me again, my brother called to wish me for the day. He sang the wishes so melodiously that it made up for my despair to a large extent. It’s the tradition in my home (made by me ofcourse ) to have a temple visit on the birthday of each of the member of my family with mandatory presence of the special person. This time I thought that I have to give it a miss. But then it occured to me, that maybe the almighty is testing my resolve. I got up resolutedly that I will visit the temple and pray to Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva, rain or no rain.

Believe me, when I came out after a bath, I found the rain has relented. I prodded my hubby to accompany me as it is a holiday. The prospect of bathing in the dreary weather that too so early wasn’t quite agreable to him, yet he couldn’t refuse the birthday girl. He reluctantly got up to run his morning errands. When we stepped out of the house, the Sun God was about to give us a holy glimpse.

By the time the worshipping ritual ended the sun was out and smiling. So, you see, the morning need not always show the day. If we loose our heart by the gloomy circumstances, its never going to serve any cause, if we get up and fight back, the adversities may subside by and by. We must not forget our fighting instinct, may be it has become latent and are unaware of its presence inside us altogether. But we have to forcefully resurrect it, the situation around us right now, very much requires that fortitude.

Chocolate cake prepared by Riya

Wish you all health and happiness. Adieu for now .

The True Inspirations: WordPress and You.

We all are here to inspire each other and to inspire our minds towards enlightenment. Being inspired creates a great space. As you develop your mind, you discover your direction. —— Gyalwang Drukpa

Hello friends, today I’m filled with so much gratitude and happiness to tell you that I have reached another milestone of having 1000 followers. I really want to thank WordPress for providing me with the precious window to connect with so many of my virtual and esteemed friends. In this troubled times, the WordPress has become a boon for all of us to acquire so many friends, living literally in every corner of the world. Isn’t it wonderful!!

Through our blogpost we get the opportunity to inspire each other to do something meaningful with our lives. In the current times we all have become acutely aware, what a priceless privilege it is to be born and living. So why not give it a direction, we always aspired for but never find the temperament and conviction to persue it.

Your continuous encouragement, made me to exert myself, to write more and more consistently. I can’t describe in words how your opinions, thoughts and experiences expressed through your posts and comments has helped to expand my own views towards life. It’s like complimenting and supporting each other towards greater excellence. I thank you all for support and encouragement. Your friendship is like a treasure to me.

Its an absolute truth that you all have contributed in some way or the other to enrich my mind. In turn, whatever new insight or information or a thought comes to my mind, I immediately decide to share it with you. I always wish and expect that my post must inspire you in a positive way. There is so much negativity and despondency swirling all around that it must be our common goal to bring about as much positvity, courage and cheerfulness as we could.

I must mention, what a pillar of strength my family is for me. I can call them truely my back bone, the support system which makes me function efficiently and inspire me to give my optimum effort in whatever I do. A special thanks goes to my hubby for giving his valuable inputs, my daughter for painting and clicking marvelous photos which I like to incorporate in my blogs and last but not the least my dear son who is practically operating as a technical manager, an able editor and a publisher, all throughout my journey so far as a blogger. God bless them and you all.

I expect much more meaningful interaction with you in the days to come. Hopefully I will also be to be more consistent in remaining in touch with you all. You all have become a part of my life and I genuinely value the friendship established virtually with you, I wish the bond becomes stronger in the future.

With my sincere gratitude I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity.

Adieu for now.

The Intent of life: realising the self

Immerse your mind in holy waters of viveka(the right understanding, consciousness ), so that vices like fear, anxiety, aversion, jealousy and hatred could be washed away.

Hello friends, in the current atmosphere of incessant scare posed by the pandemic, the anxiety has become our constant companion. As far as my experience indicates that more I try to get rid of it, more it comes back to torment me in another form and parcel. What’s the way out? The wise saints had always affirmed that the mankind is not born to suffer but to enjoy life. The purpose and intent of life must be to realise self and to expand the horizon of happiness as far around us as we could.

The best way to realise self is meditation, an inner dialog with our own self. Recently I came to know about transcendental meditation(TM) and wished to share it with you. In this kind of meditation requires withdrawal of consciousness and senses from the external objects, unhappiness and stress and concentrate it on the self.

Transcendental meditation is a method of calming the mind and becoming relaxed by thinking deeply in silence, repeating a special word or a syllable or series of words(mantra) many times in a row. The art of meditation is universal in itself as it is based on religiously neutral foundation. It’s a credible means of communication with our own soul and possibly with the Almighty God, the one and only supreme power.

In ancient time the holy sages(rishis) used to follow the path of meditation so determined and singel mindedly that they succeeded in establishing a communion with God. We are only common mortals, incapable of facing such hardships, sticking to a grueling and disciplined regimen.

Friends we can at least afford 15-20 minutes of our time to practice meditation. The regular practise has the potential of eliminating negative feelings of stress and fatigue and replaces them with positive feeling of well-being. The meditation can also enhance our creativity, productivity as well as flexibility to adapt to any situation. The calmer mind can smooth the creases in our relationship too and help us to bond more with our near and dear ones.

Let’s us all incorporate meditation in our daily lives. We can begin with a shorter version of five minutes then expand it gradually. I shall tell you about my follow up and love to know your response too!

I wish you all health happiness and prosperity.

Adieu for now.

Makar Sankranti

Friends, 14th January is a very special day for Indians. While whole of India celebrate it as ‘makar sankranti, the harvest festival celebrated under many names across India.Punjabis celebrate it as Lohri, in the night of 13th January. They light bonfire and dance ‘gidda’ and ‘bhangra’ around it and savour sweets like rewari, laddus and chikkis. South Indians celebrate it as Pongal, Assamese as Bihu and Bengalis as  Pous Parbon. The main aim of the festival is to thank the Sun God for good harvest.

Makar Sankranti, marks the end of chilly winter when the sun starts its journey northward. People take holy dip in Ganges or any river and worship Sun God, early in the morning. Biharis eat curd and pressed rice(chura) and have ’tilkut’, a kind of sweet made with beaten sesame seeds and sugar or jaggery. Being a Bengali, I celebrated it by preparing a special Bangla sweets called ‘Peethey-puli,payesh’which is specially made for this auspicious occasion.

We Bengalis have the tradition of preparing kind of the dessert such as dudh puli, roshopuli,gokul pithe, bhaja pithe etc. The easiest and most sumptuousof them is’patisaptas’ and about which I mentioned in my earlier blog.

Read it here:

Today I will tell you about another traditional sweet ‘dudh puli peethey’. Its made with rice flour dough balls, stuffed with date jaggery, condensed milk and dessicated coconut stuffing, then boiled in milk. I want to inform you that if we add some boiled sweet potatos and refined wheat flour(maida) in the rice flour, while preparing the dough ,  the ‘pitheys’ would become extra soft and very delectable.

Friends, for ‘doodh peethey’ the stuffing is very important. It is prepared by mixing date jaggery, dessicated coconut in a frying pan and stir it in low flame for five minutes  or so then condensed milk is added to it. When the mixture take sticky consistency, it is removed from fire and let it cool. Now take small balls of rice flour dough,  fill in the stuffing in the middle and give it any shape we like,  just like momos. Then they are boiled in milk untill the peethey strart floating on the surface,  the finishing touch would be the addition of date jaggery into the milk.

I wanted to acquaint you about the Bengali traditional  food, which is getting scarcer with each passing day. Today the younger homemakers just don’t bother to go through the chores preparing dishes at home and simply prefer to buy them readymade from the sweetshops. But it would be really sad if children don’t get to savour homemade pithe puli and the fun and excitement in the house during their preparation.

In our childhood days we used to wait for the festival to gorge on the delicacies prepared by our elders. It’s indeed our responsibility to keep the traditions alive and thriving. Never allow the light of it, getting extinguished, it would then be really unfortunate.

Traditions are succor to human race and the society, which keep them rooted to their culture. It should be duely passed on to the next generation. Otherwise everybody would turn into rootless entities. We must avoid the scenario by making some sincere efforts on our part.
What do you think about it, do tell me in the comment box.

Happy Makar Sankranti to all of you
Adieu for now

The Contentment and Malnutrition

In his acceptance speech of Noble peace prize, the executive director of World Food Programme, emphasized that the food is”the pathway to peace. “

Hello friends, hope you all are fairing well in your respective fields. If you find something bumpy on your way, don’t ever loose your heart or patience. Eventually you will ride it through. So have a big smile and confidence in your disposition and let’s get going!

Recently I got first hand experience of rural life. The simple yet disciplined way of living of the village people impressed me immensely. I was sweetly surprised to see so much warmth, innocence and unadulterated, natural smile in their faces. Despite having far lesser comforts and luxury, we city dwellers get to enjoy. They all looked happy without having major complaints with their lives.

I witnessed a young woman engaged in drying the paddies in an open space, her small baby, playing nearby and eating only boiled rice from a bowl. She was wearing faded and mended clothes. When I smiled, her face gleamed and a shy smile hovered on her lips. There was no strain of hardship or complaint for her life of constraint.

Can we, living in big cities claimto be so? Most probably not. We’re unhappy with our lives on one pretext or the other. Why so is the case? To be precise the answer is the lack of contentment, which is the root cause of this inherent disparity of mindset.

Getting to malnutrition,the first phase data of the National Family Health Survey 2019-20, indicates that though child mortality rate has fallen, the problem of malnutrition is the cause of concern for most of the states in India. As the researchers say that 90% of the brain grows by the age of five.

By adequate awareness and enablement, if proper nutrition could be provided in the early years of childhood, it has the potential to make future decade 50% more productive. You might be wondering why I’m mentioning this to you, its the job of the government to look into such matter. But can’t we, as an individual affect any change in the present circumstances?

Friends, I’ve observed even in some educated family also, that they don’t bother to include all the nutrients in right proportion in the meals of their children. And for the poor rural folks and daily wagers in the city alike, its more the quest of filling up the tummies of their children than worrying about the balanced diet.

Mulling over both the aspect, if we start to incorpoare some corrective measures, by stealing some times from our respective schedules can do wonders on both the counts. Here are some suggestions which can bring contentment and happiness to us and improve the lives of many:

1. On some weekends we may visit nearby slums and villages and have meaningful interaction with them. Make them understand the necessity of balanced diet.

2. We can inform them about easily available and cheaper source of protein, vitamins and minerals to include in the diet.

3 If possible, provide packaged wholesome nutritious food to the children depending upon your capabilities.

4. Make sure the children don’t dropout from school by counselling the parents on the hindsight.

5. We can distribute our old and not in use clothes, in good condition, to them

Indeed there are many NGOs doing precisely that, yet we, as individuals, can do something worthwhile,to bring some positive changes in us and the world. There is whole lot of benefits on the receiver’s part and satisfaction on our’s. It has the potential to keep depression at bay, from our respective lives. As we get less time to brood over our circumstances Because all lives matter!

I end it here, keep smiling. Adieu for now.

For the Happier Ambience

“If dark and ominous thoughts start residing in your psyche, then you are consciously polluting your own heart and mind ” – My mother in law.

Hello friends, for a full two years very few people can boast that they are not adversely affected by the unfortunate and unprecedented developments, which has almost swamped the mankind. The anxiety and worry about the safety of our near and dear ones has become our constant companion. I am also the victim of the malaise, sometimes I get so worked up by the attack of anxiety that sleep eludes my eyes for the entire stretch of night.

My all determination to instill a strong mettle in me and deal life with courage, goes for a toss whenever any member of my family even sneezes or coughs or have a blocked nose. A whole lot of dark thoughts start rushing in like a torrent and the panic sets in . I was mentioning about it to my mother in law during our telephonic conversation.

As I have told you earlier that my mother in law is my friend, philosopher and guide. Whenever I find myself in trouble I immediately turn to her for solace. The one who is nearing ninety is still my pillar of strength. For such long years of life she had dealt all the happiness and sorrow thrown in her lot with calm determination and strong will. She is more than a role model for me and I consider her a true teacher.

When she told me that I am polluting my mind and heart by harbouring negative thoughts, it led me to ponder, how absolutely spot on she is with her surmise. We become our own enemies by going on worrying because worry and anxiety do not serve any cause other than harming our physical and mental well being.

Feeling low and depressed is detrimental  to our physical and as well as mental health. In this tough times we must all strive to keep our sanity intact. I urge myself and you all to dispense with the negative and brooding thoughts and take proactive steps to bring in as much happiness and cheer to us and all around us.

We have to consciously keep our external as well as internal environment pollution free. Like the fumes of our automobiles our dark thoughts are toxic too. Keeping away from both of them as much as we could have only advantages. Why not pledge to incorporate the good habbits in our lives as a resolution of a new year!

I would like to know your thoughts about this. Till then, keep smiling and spread  it far and wide.
Stay safe and happy. Adieu for now.

Pc – Riya Mukherjee.

The great balancing act

If you do not allow nets with too fine a mesh to be used in large ponds, there will be more fish than they can eat; if axes are permitted in the forest only in the proper season, there will be more timber than they need.

Hello friends, hope you all are taking extra care of yourself and your family amidst the new wave of the pandemic. Few days ago I read the above quote in a column of the newspaper, ‘The Times of India’ and liked it so much that I decided to share it with you. If people are more careful while using the natural resources for earning their livelihoods, the balance in nature can be properly maintained.

For the blind greed of some individuals looking for earning some extra bucks seem to be hell bent on exploiting the nature, mercilessly, without giving it enough time to recuperate. One example which readily comes into my mind is the dangerously vanishing numbers of Hilsa fish in West Bengal for which the state is quite famous for. It’s considered the most prized catch because of it’s rich and unique taste, favored by Bengalis all over the world. Hilsa fish are available in the market during the rainy season when the marine fish enter the freshwaters of Ganges from the Bay of Bengal to breed.

But sadly in the recent past the numbers of Hilsa catch is dwindling every year. The main reason behind it is the rampant catching and selling of baby Hilsa by the fishermen and fishtraders respectively despite the blanket ban over it by the government. Most of the adolescent fishes, weighing 200 or 300 gms are being caught and sold without impunity, resulting in scarcity of enough adult fish to breed.

For some immediate extra money they are causing the extinction of the most beloved fish. Blamegame seems to continue for this folly but no corrective measures taken by anyone concerned.

Whereas in Bangladesh where the rules are strictly followed, catching baby hilsa fish is a punishable offence. Consequently the little fishes are allowed to grow, lay eggs and multiply. Therefore there is enough catch of bigger fishes to export also. Now Bengalis have to mostly wait for the imported large sized silver crop(Hilsa is adoringly called by the name in Bengal) to satisfy their culinary cravings.

Friends, what’s happening in our part of Bengal is like killing the goose to get the proverbial golden eggs. The topic discussed is certainly not an isolation, there are countless example of humans tinkering with the balance of nature. Thus leading our environmental balance and our well being too, towards jeopardy.

Let the corrective actions starts with the advent of a new year. It’s indeed our collective responsibility to make the environment more sustainable for us and other creatures. It’s one and only planet known to harbor life. Let us all make an effort to nurture not destroy our birthplace. It’s indeed a privilege and we must all honour that.

Wish you all health and happiness. Adieu for now.

Ushering in a New Year

The future starts today, not tomorrow – Pope John Paul Il

Hello friends, I greet you all in the very first post of the very fresh new year. Hope you all have celebrated the holidays with your loved ones. We all are again staring at the onset of the third wave in India, but as predicted, the infection are widespread yet the symptoms are luckily milder. It now looks more than inevitable that we must learn to coexist along side the virus. God willing, it will loose it’s virulent sting eventually.

On the eve of New Year, we arranged a small get together with our neighbors and had a great adda (chatting) session over homemade food. We wished each other a Happy New Year when the clock struck exactly midnight.

The first day of the New Year happens to be the birthday of my daughter. But we celebrate it on the 2nd of January (I will tell the reason behind it some other time). The new year began with an auspicious visit to a temple in our locality and worshipping Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali to seek their blessings. At this juncture we all are dearly in need of God’s intervention to end the vicious circle of the pandemic, entrapping the entire world in its unholy grip.

As a birthday celebration, a movie in a multiplex and eating out was planned. Luckily, it was the day preceding the containment measures were announced in West Bengal. Guess the name of the movie? Well of course, the latest superhero movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’.

When we were kids, the prospect of watching a movie in a large screen used to create butterflies in our stomach. Believe me I felt same kind of exhilaration, after such a long time. Being deprived of it for the last two years had made viewing cinema in a movie hall that too with amazing VFX , much more special!

My children had already watched the movie with their friends, so it was their second time over with us. With special 3D glasses and surround screen it was a real treat to the eye, I felt like a kid again. The added bonus was the appearance of my favorite Spider-Man, Toby Mcguire!

The festive decorations and artworks at the mall

At the break, my kids went to buy popcorn and coffee. My daughter was supposed to pay but due to some glitch, my son paid it instead from his account. He is still a student of 2nd year engineering and earns some pocket money through his internship assignments. So the popcorn felt all the more tastier! These are the times which give a pure sense of satisfaction to parents.

Friends, let us learn to be happy at the smaller things in life and celebrate life as a priceless gift bestowed to us by the Almighty. We must take care of our physical as well as mental well being. Extend the hand of empathy and care to each other as each one of us no matter which corner of the world we belong to, is more or less feeling beleaguered by the precarious situation prevailing all around.

As they say all the days are not always the same. We can hope and pray that good old days of normalcy would be restored to us and we can breathe again without any fear or apprehension and for that matter without the ubiquitous mask. Till then we have to cautiously and patiently hang on.

I pray for happiness, health and safety for all. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Adieu for now.

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