A Night at a Guesthouse!

Hello friends, as I told you earlier that we went to Bhagalpur during Puja holidays, which is a good 10 hour journey by road, from Kolkata. A stop journey was planned midway to beat the fatigue of such a long drive. Two rooms in a guest house of West Bengal State Irrigation Department was booked, in Shiuri, a five hour’s drive. I was a bit apprehensive about it being in a secluded place (I practically dread the lonely places, lest they are infested with zombies!!).

After starting in the morning, we reached Shiuri by late afternoon. When our car entered the precinct of the Irrigation Department area, I sat up straight with curiosity(erstwhile I was dozing off in the back seat). Getting the directions our car at last entered through the gate of the guesthouse . My furtive eyes looked around, the heart fearful.

The lush green trees of different varieties inside the compound, sparkling in the bright sunlight, immediately distracted my mind from the fact that there was only a watchman, manning the guesthouse and we were the only guests!

There are so many movies replete with stories of haunted guesthouses and a lonely watchman that my heart sank with the prospect of spending the night there. But thankfully the residence quarters were visible from there and the presence of inhabitants nearby was quite a reassurance! I must tell you that, this time round, we were only three, me, hubby and my son. My daughter couldn’t make the trip as she didn’t get the weeklong leave from her internship duties.

The two rooms allotted to us were cozy with an old world charm emanating from them. With a quick refreshing shower and having a tasty lunch, duely packed by our cook early in the morning, I decided to explore the place with son in tow. My husband being engaged in completing the paperwork with the caretaker.

I felt a sense of calm and nourishment to my soul, while walking through the resplendent greenary, the twitters of birds felt like chorus of music to my ears. I asked my son to capture the beauty of the place for your viewing afterwards. You know, after starting this blog I have developed a tendecy to relate to you whatever new and interesting happening around me! I’m enclosing the photos for your viewing.

A panoramic view of the garden

In evening, we decided to explore the town. Amidst the Puja revelry all around, my fears of spending the night in the lonely guesthouse took a back seat. After thoroughly soaking up the ambience of the place, we had our dinner in a restaurant called Thek, which in Bengali means the place of adda or hanging out with friends. The food was good and we enjoyed our stay there.

Returning back on foot through the night time was another surreal experience for us. The quietness, calling of insects and twinkling glowworms across the trees in the darkness of the night were absolutely novel for the city folks like us. We had booked two rooms for the night. But coming to it, I remained adamant to the last, on my decision that my grown-up son of nineteen would spend the night in our room. I had to turn deaf ears to their pleas and simple logic of convenience.

Afterall my peace of mind was at stake! There were two separate single beds in each room. Despite his vigorous protest of being old enough to sleep alone in another room, I wasn’t prevailed on. Consequently my son was compelled to sleep in one bed and another single bed was taken up by me and my husband. My logic was in case of any eventuality( like visitation by zombies, etc.), we could at least fight together.

As expected, I had to spend most part of the night wide awake, lest I encroache on my husband’s area of sleep. He had to drive for long, the very next day afterall! It felt like sharing a sleeping berth on long distance train. My ears always straining for any strange sound apart from steady whirring of AC. The awareness of being alone in the bunglow, the caretaker being at the outhouse, kept my senses in heightened alertness preventing my eyes, drooping to sleep.

The sun atlast decided to show its dear face and I got up with a huge sigh of relief thanking God for an event free night! I quietly slipped out of the room for another exploration of the garden. In the morning light everything looked so inviting and peaceful. The leisurely stroll amidst the pristine greenary was absolutely divine. I felt a kind of connection with the mother nature. I inhaled cooler and cleaner morning breeze, feeling rejuvinated, all the scare of last night evaporating from my mind. A sense calm and fulfillment swaying through it, instead.

In the next hour or so we were all ready and on the road towards our destination that was Bhagalpur. Friends in less than 24 hours of our stay in Shiuri we collected so many myriad memories, went through so many conflicting emotions that it will remain etched in my memory forever.

Thanks for reading. Wish you all, health and happiness.

Adieu for now.

The Trivia of Celebration

Hello friends, yesterday we returned back to Kolkata from our trip to Bhagalpur, Bihar. We had a blast of a time during the Durga Puja festivities there, along with our relatives from my husband’s side. The great thing was that we were able to seek our mother in law’s blessings along with the mother Goddess. She is nearing ninety, yet so full of life, affection and care for all, though her movements are restricted by the old age. It’s indeed our great fortune to enjoy her company. I have enormous respect and reverance for her as I consider her my true mentor too!

Friends as we were away from Kolkata, we couldn’t personally visit the Puja Pandals for which the city is quite famous for. It was ten days absolute carnival like atmosphere and people, freshly vaccinated, came out in droves to celebrate the Holy stay of the Goddess Durga on the Earth.

A British Council report commissioned by the tourism department of the Bengal government pegs the total economic worth of the creative industries around Durga Puja before the pandemic at Rs 32, 777 crore which is 2.58% of Bengal’s GDP. Through this assessment, you can imagine the gigantic proportion in which the festival is celebrated here.

As people wear new outfits mostly, traditional ones, during the festival. The malls across the city have surpassed 2019 sales in the run up to Durga Puja. The food and beverages (F&B) sales have also clocked reccord high during the festive days.

It’s indeed a grand visual galore of idols of the deity and decoration in various pandals, where art meets creativity and tradition. So the pandal hopping is a must in the itinerary of most Kolkatans.

Friends I’m providing you, some glimpses of the idols, so that you also can feel the grandeur. So here it is.

It’s quite relieving to find no spike in infection numbers due to festivities. Still we must remain on our guards to prevent any more waves.We should not blunder of skidding on the way to our destination. Every one must adhere to safety protocols and vaccinate themselves to shut the pandemic away from our lives for good.

Wishing you all happiness, health and prosperity. Please do take care.

Adieu for now.

Food for Thought.

Hello friends, on the world food day I want to reblog the old post of mine. It’s a truth that if governments and common citizens properly chart out the consumption and distribution of surplus food to the hungry persons, a problem of people going without proper food can be solved. What it really needs is the good intention and strong resolve to ensure food for all.

Through this post I wanna draw your kind attention towards a piece of news which left me baffled. Can you imagine, an estimated 931 millions tonnes of food, or 17 % of total food available to consumers in 2019 globally, went into waste bins of households, retailers, restaurants and other food services. It’s claimed by the Food Waste Index Report 2021, released by the United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP). When so many people die of hunger and millions survive at subsistence level i.e. barely surviving, so much food wastage is really unfortunate and an avoidable one.

Over 60% of food thrown away into bins comes from the households no matter whether the country is developed, developing or underdeveloped. Therefore we, the common citizens of the country are the real culprit. Cannot we do something to rectify the situation by conducting awareness campaign against? If we have the capability and afford to cook and order so much extra food, but their reaching the waste bins is no less than a sin. The food is like God’s blessings to us, should we squander it just like that?

I have some suggestions to make:

  1. Buy as much dry or precooked food packs from the store, we can consume. Use it before it’s expiry date or its turning stale.
  2. If it seems in excess then immediately give it away to your domestic help, driver or cook or ask them to distribute it among the needy persons. Make sure the food stuff is still fit to be eaten. Otherwise the matter may go drastically against you!
  3. While arranging a house party, prepare or order as much food which would be sufficient to satisfy the apetite of your guest without leaving a large quantity of leftovers to contend with.
  4. Get in contact with the agency or the NGOs dealing with collecting leftover cooked food in hygienic and safe way, from the households and restaurants and distribute the same to the homeless and destitute people.
  5. A little care and attention on our part can make a large difference. The satisfaction we draw from feeding the hungry and deprived might be immense.
  6. If it’s not possible to give away the food due to time constraint or other circumstances we can make arrangements to feed the stray animals of our locality or the flying guests that visit our balconies and terraces. Their sweet chirping would certainly make our day a happy one.

Friends, if we pay a bit more attention to food keeping, we can avoid a lot of wastage. After all we can’t eat money or other luxuries to survive, it’s the humble food which keep us nourished. Then why not accord the respect and importance to it’s proper use, that it rightly deserves. Prevent as much food wastage as we can, as a mark of reverence and our gratitude to God, who has bestowed us the bounty of food.

Let’s say our genuine thanks to Him, by respecting the food stuff available to us as it deserves and try to feed the hungry people around us with the surplus food.

Stay safe, healthy and happy. Adieu for now.

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A Roadtrip to Remember.

Hello friends, it’s been awhile since I posted something. Hope you all are doing well. It was a matter of great fortune that we managed to take a festive trip to my in-law’s place. That’s a long road trip from Kolkata to Bhagalpur by car, my  husband proudly occupying the driver’s seat! Believe me, we had a whale of time undertaking it. See, when someone is confined for a long period of time, then allowed a sudden freedom, the person is bound to go delirious with happiness. We were feeling no different! We relished each and every small things like staring at the winding road or the passing  scenery, or taking a hot sip of tea in the road-side dhaba. Every thing felt new and fresh.

The scenic view

I must remind you that we were following all the safety protocol of the pandemic down the way. We took a night stop over at a small resort where rooms were made of mud, in a small village near Bolpur, Shantiniketan. We also had two days detour here,along with the family of my brother in law, while returning back. I will tell you about it in my next blogs to come. I just can tell you that living in a mud house made completely with clay and wood including stairs and an additional floor, the rustic feeling was absolutely mind blowing.

The Masanjore Dam

Our next stoppage was a small food stall, situated just beside the scenic dam in Masanjore. You can imagine,  how heavenly, the simple bread, butter and omelette  tasted, sitting beside a vast water front surrounded by small lush hills. What more we could have asked for.

Tea in a kullar(earthen cup)

Friends as the human life is all about ups and downs, our trip had also some scary downside. As we were passing through, Dumka in Jharkhand, we were asked to take a diversion as a bridge was lying broken for the past six months. The administration didn’t bother to repair it as few vehicles were plying on the road due to pandemic. By the way, the diversion we were suggested passed literally through the court yards of the rural folks, then came the cliffhanger.  When we were coming down a small bridge  a SUV  from the opposite side was gesturing frantically to move back. Suddenly the reality dawned on us(the persons in the passenger seat so to say) the road was a single one, and my husband had to drive in back gear to the inclined height to the top of the small bridge. A miniscule error from his side would send our car hurtling down the edges of the road and we would have been stuck to that God forsaken place without any prospect of towing us back again on the road. All those present there were shouting, their throat gone hoarse, directing the driver, that is my hubby, how to negotiate the steep incline, backwards without any room for maneuvering. When at last our car reached the bridge safely, we realised that our throats had become bone dry and hearts pounding like a hammer.

Afterwards, we were practically unable to utter a single word for the next half an hour or so, being shell-shocked by the horror of the crisis. But these things are indeed one of the part of the adventure called a roadtrip. We must take them in our stride and move on .

When we ultimately, reached our destination, the sigh of relief was so huge and palpable that every body around took note of it, then followed the gush of joy of homecoming, the long overdue family reunion. Each one greeting the other at the same time the ensuing laughters and happy cacophony of voices is really something to remember. The details of which I shall tell you afterward. Till then stay happy and safe.

Adieu for now.

The Quest for One!

Hello friends, during the auspicious days of observing ‘Navaratri’ and seeking blessings from the mother, Goddes Durga, a piece of news  disturbed me a lot. As the saying goes if you keep something buried inside your heart, the peace of mind goes for a toss. Sharing it may pacify it to an extent, so here I am! It’s about the unfortunate suicide bombing at a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s north eastern city of Kunduz, in which more than hundred innocent people died and about 150 injured. Their crime? They had congregated in the mosque, to offer Friday’s namaaz. The killer suicide bomber? A member of the terrorist group ISIS-K ( Khorasan)

The most perturbing thing is that the victims and the perpetrators both are believer of the same religion, Islam. Although belonging to different sects called Shias and Sunnies. I shall not delve into the intricacies of their faith. But they worship the one God, Allah. I just fail to understand, what is the instigation to kill their own brethren in the name of God? What kind of victory they would gain by killing so many and so mercilessly?

When I was a small kid, my father used to read aloud, the life story and teachings of revered saint Ramkrishna Parmahansa, from the book, ‘Ramkrisna Kathamrita’. Sri Ramakrishna was a devout priest of Goddess Kali(a form of Goddess Durga) at the famous Dakshineswar temple in Kolkata. One thing about him that stuck in my young and impressionable mind that Ramakrisna at different point of time had practised other faiths, like Islam and Christianity, under the able guidance of preachers of that faith. He came to a conclusion that all the faiths are like rivers which ultimately leads to the vast Ocean, and that is ‘One God’ a Supreme authority.

The universality of God, who had created this amazing world is the basic foundation over which the stucture of various religions are formed. If we consider pre historic time there was no religion but humans were there unseparated by any sector called religion and there was no strife over it. Then why modern homo sapiens have embroiled themselves in the struggle of one upmanship concerning their religion. There are rivalries, discriminations, riots and killings still happening to establish the supremacy of a particular religion over the another. It has become a relentless struggle.

The need of the hour is that all humans must come together irrespective of their faith and brainstorm the ways for the survival of humanity and mankind which is increasingly challenged by the perils of one natural and biological calamity after another. The  preachers should instill the message of one God among their followers, so that this sectarian violence can be put to rest forever.
This mindless killings of innocent people must end for a harmonious and progressive future. No matter which religion we follow, we belong to one group that is mankind. Sooner the terrorists and their mentors must realize it, the better. They must chanellize their potential  and resources for the betterment of lives of citizen in general.

I pray to God that the misguided ones must see reason and desist from further butchering of their own people and renounce violence for everlasting peace and unite for overall development of nation.

I would love to know your views on it. Thanks for reading.

P. C.- My sister in law.

Power to the women

“There are many stories on how the Divine Mother appeared to restore peace and order by slaying the asuras,demons. These asuras are symbols of the negative forces that can overtake us anytime. Navaratri is the celebration of prana, spirit, which alone can destroy these asuras.”- Sri Sri Ravi Shanker.

Goddess Durga Idol

Hello friends, I wish you all a very happy Navratri! Today is the first day of Goddess Durga’s ten days stay, in her paternal abode, that is the earth. Every year She comes down to bless us with health, happiness and prosperity. The coming nine days we offer her prayers and indulge in lots of festivities and celebrations and give her a grand sendoff on tenth day, when she returns back to her husband, Lord Shiva. During this time all the Hindus, try to reache home, to celebrate the festivities with their parents and relatives. So in a way it’s time for bonding and reconnecting with one’s root.

I pray to Goddess, the epitome of women power, to give each and every woman of the earth the voice to express herself freely, the ability to protest and defend herself from the atrocities done to her and capacity to protect and care for her family to the the best of her abilities. A woman must realise her true worth and act accordingly to achieve her dreams.

Women, as a mother, sister,  daughter, wife and of course as a friend, can make men respect and love them. If a boy from a young age, learns to put a woman in higher esteem, he’s  gonna do so as an adult too. As we all know, a child is the father of a man!  He will think twice before disrespecting a woman in any capacity. It’s indeed the prerogative of the mother to instill good moral principles in her children.

If in every household, a woman is respected and revered than the violence and humiliation afflicted to them will reduce drastically. She could learn to be free, to take her life decisions and fly high without any discrimination or interference and go on to live a happy life with their men, side by side.

Power to the woman doesn’t mean she should disregard her duties and responsibilities towards her family. Beacause she is the ultimate homemaker. With added perseverance and tact she has the potential to be as powerful as Goddess Durga, herself.

Vivekananda, the famous social reformer and saint, told us ages ago, that, only those nations who respect and give importance to women can only truly progress and prosper.

So friends in this auspicious day I wish more power to the women and they use it judiciously to maintain peace and harmony in the society they belong to. Happy living!

I convey my season’s greetings to you all.

Adieu for now.

Cover pic ctsy. – My daughter Riya, check out her arts on her Instagram: https://instagram.com/reflections_of_mind_?utm_medium=copy_link

Mahalaya, the arrival of festive season.

Friends, wish you all a very happy Mahalaya. To those whom are uninitiated to this festive day, in India. Particularly in Bengal, this day marks the arrival of Goddess Durga, from Kailasha to this earth for 10 days, which is said to be her parental home(she is believed to be the daughter of Himalaya!).She is accompanied by her four children,Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Lord Ganesha and Kartikeyan. Lord Shiva ,her better half prefers to stay back at Kailasha. Being a Mahayogi, He opts for the tranquility of his snowy abode. It’s a welcome ritual to the deity and her children in this world. Her stay is celebrated as Durga Puja or Navratra by the Hindus.

This auspicious day also marks the end of Pitri paksha and beginning of Devi paksha. In this day people also offer water to their dead ancestors and relatives(tarpan), early in the morning after taking a dip in nearby waterbodies, like rivers lakes or ponds.

Art Goddess Durga by my daughter, Riya Mukhejee.

The day brings a sense of nostalgia in me. I feel reminiscent of old times, when we were kids. As it was almost a ritual, to listen Mahalaya on radio. It’s the Devi Sukti( Mahisasuramardini) rendition along with the story of slaying of the demon called Mahisasura by Goddess Durga , by Biren Krishna Bhadra and others.  It is still aired over All India Radio, from 4 to 5. In our adolescent days, we used to get annoyed for being woken up so early, when it was still dark. But father would not listen to any of our excuses and insisted on listening the program. In the beginning we didn’t understand  what this is all about yet the mesmerizing voice of the main orator and the sweet songs drew us towards it. We, at the same time felt ecstatic, just imagining about the upcoming days of revelry, making plans to wear which new clothes  on each day of the festival and visit which pandals with friends and family ( the last four days). Almost every Bengali family made it sure that their radios were in working order. Now the radios have been replaced by phones to listen the program.

Lotus flower which is offered to Goddess to please her, art by my daughter Riya Mukhejee.

At present, its now my duty to  make my kids listen to Mahalaya, so early in the morning, their protests not withstanding. They plead that they would listen to it some other time on YOUTUBE, but the fervour it creates at its designated time just cannot be matched.

You see, this year is marked by the unprecedented events mostly not to our liking. The festivities  and the grandeur of Durga Puja in Bengal is unparalleled, which may not be the case this time as restrictions are still in place. We must worship and pray to Mother Goddess ,’Durgati Nasini’, to extricate us from all the miseries and keep us happy and safe.

The green fields, kash ful(white willowy flowers) and the sweet scent of shiuli flowers and faint chill in the weather (as autumn is upon us) beacon us to explore the nature’s  magnificence, at this time. I fervently pray to the Goddess that she must slay the demon of the virus and wipe it out forever from our lives. 

I extend my greetings to you all. Have a happy and prosperous days ahead of you.

Adieu for now

Cover photo also digitally drawn by my daughter.

The Tale of a Rescued Dog.

“Whoso wreaks injury with a rod/ On creature fain for happiness/ When the self hereafter he seeks for happiness/ Not his, it may be, happiness to win.” – Udana.

Hello friends, yesterday, October 4, was celebrated as world animal day, the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. It was started in Germany in 1925. It is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare. In this context the I found the above mentioned quote highly relevant. We get to see people who are very attached to animal and their welfare, some are simply indifferent and few are outright cruel towards animal in general. It’s the last category, who must be castigated and publicly shamed by the society.

There are people who treat their pets, even stray animals with utmost care and compassion. I have heard about some benevolent persons, arranging for meals specially cooked for the stray animals and travel the entire city to serve the hot meal to them at the specific locations. Some people buy packets of biscuits and distribute it among the dogs or provide medical aid and shelter to the ailing ones.

I must tell you about one of my nephew, who took the responsibility of a foster parent for a rescued dog, unill it’s taken for adoption, while staying in Bangalore, for his job. But subsequently he got so attached to the serially abused dog, while nursing it to health that he decided to keep it for himself and named him Coco. He began tending Coco as his own child. During the work from home phase, he decided to relocate to his parent’s place in Kolkata and brought Coco along with him.

His parents were a little apprehensive about the matter, initially, but in no time, the well behaved Coco won their affection too! Now Coco got a whole family to pamper him. Earlier he was so cruelly treated that sometimes the past trauma gets reflected in his behavior, like getting agitated by even a loving pet on specific parts of his body. I found Coco’s eyes so expressive and his behavior all endearing to us, when we visited them.

Friends, it’s really heartening to see a young man so caring and loving towards a hapless creature. It proves that the young generation is indeed compassionate towards the stray and ill treated animals. It’s really a commendable act of generosity, indeed!

Coco Now

It’s fact that people who mistreat animals and hurt them, do not deserve to be happy. How could they forget, they have the souls too, just like us! They equally become happy when loved and pained when tortured. Those people must refrain or compelled to refrain from violence and mistreatment of animals. We shouldn’t remain a silent bystander, if got to witness such ghastly act commited by someone, in fear of getting embroiled in an uugly altercation. Because such unscrupulous people have no compunction in mistreating humans too. One must raise the voice of protest against it and make them see reason.

Thanks for reading the post. I wish you all health and happiness.

Adieu for now.

Trustees of posterity.

The claims of future are represented by the suffering millions and the youth of the nation are trustees of posterity. – Benjamin Disraeli

Hello friends, in this blog post I will talk with you about the kind of world we are going to pass on to the next generation. Along with the youth of the nation, we, the common citizens of any age group, are in fact, trustees of posterity. That means, we must pass on to the next generation, a world that is in some way better than how we received it. It means we are trustees of the earth, the environment and the future.

In recent past, we as a mankind have witnessed a colossal impact of a virus, which has in a way, turned the world upside down. It feels as if the vehicles of our lives have suddenly veered towards an uncertain future. Such an all encompassing unfortunate event has made us grapple with many burning questions, regarding how to go about mending the world. So that we don’t have to face the ignominy of passing on a messed up world to the coming generation.

In the blind persuit of wealth and power, the world as a whole has turned the earth into this pathetic state. Is the degeneration irrevocable? We all know that itis not. But a humangous and concerted effort is required from each and every one of us to achieve a desired result. The rescue expedition must start now, in the right earnest, before it’s too late.

The small individual efforts can be effectively turned into groundswell of a positive movement in our social and geographical environment. We have to figure our own ways to initiate the process by adjusting our lifestyle to incorporate these changes. If you look around, a silent revolution is taking place, more and more people are becoming aware of the necessity and adapting ways to bring in more safer and happier world. The awareness must be spread far and wide. If majority of citizens ( the politicians., the industrialists and policy makers included) decide to opt for cooperation and understanding in affecting ways to make a better world than nothing is impossible.

And as a trustee of our own lives and powers, we owe a responsibility to work for a future which is more just, equitable and results in the progress of all.

If there is a will, there is a way. Let’s all listen to the voice of our hearts and make an effort to create a better world, so that our future generation remember us with respect and get inspired to follow in our footsteps.

Way to ‘Happily Ever After’

Hello friends, when two people fall in love and get married, it’s the ultimate happy ending of any romance. But in fact the real story starts right after the matrimony, both belonging to different set of upbringing and habituated to separate lifestyle, start sharing their life with each other. In zest, a common reference is that a bride initially remains as gentle as moon faced( chandramukhi) then progresses to become a fiery sunflower  ( surya mukhi) and ultimately turn to fierce volcano ( jwalamukhi) in her interactions with her husband!

Jokes apart, a marriage is indeed an expedition to unknown territory for both the sides and the success of it, greatly depends on how well they figure out each other during the process. In the contemporary world, young couple tend to be much more restive than their earlier counterparts and less amenable to compromises and adjustments, one has to resort to, for the durability of the alliance called marriage. Here are some suggestions, I want to share with you, which can be helpful to the new entrants to the holy matrimony.

Important elements of happy marriage:
1. A happy marriage is understanding that your relationship is bigger than your pride or ego.
2. Consciously set aside time for togetherness- to talk, show interest in each other,  indulge in shared activities.
3.  Stop taking the relationship for granted. The occasional praise and gesture of admiration cement the affection and nurture the relationship further.
4.  A mature outlook to marriage is to appreciate similarities and accept differences. For happily ever after- accept your spouse as you accept yourself.
5. Try not not to be overtly judgemental which could lead to your partner resorting to lie and pretentions.
6.  Forgiveness is a wonderful trait to keep love and harmony in a relationship.
7.  Try your best not to utter harsh and humiliating words in anger, to your spouse, the ensuing hurt can linger like a festering wound, may last for a lifetime too!
8. Get to know each other’s trigger points very early and avoid stepping over these landmines or tread with caution.
9. Pay attention  to the healthy criticism and act positively to remove them from your nature and behavior.
10. A load of patience, courage, understanding and perseverance is very much required for the relationship to go smoothly through the trials and tribulation called life.
11. Share the responsibility of running a household and consult each other before taking any major decision. Remaining evasive about your intentions can prove detrimental.
12. There must be a balance between giving space to your spouse and involvement and interference into each other’s domain.
12. Try lending a genuine ear to the woes and difficulties faced by each other in their respective workfronts and discuss ways to overcome them.

The list may be endless but one must remain ingenious while carving out ways to make the  sculpture called marriage a beautiful, endearing and lasting piece of art. If two people decide to walk together towards a common destiny then why not make the travel as smoother and as happier as possible. Then only one could have a proper ending of ‘happily ever after’.

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