The Transformation.

Hello friends, I greet you all with the painting of the exquisite beauty of nature,done by my daughter on the occasion of friendship day. A very happy friendship day to all my blogger friends. May be it is virtual but it is no less enriching than the real one. Via this WordPress platform we can exchange any thoughts and ideas that has been meandering in our minds. Sharing those thoughts in any form, whether it is poetry, column or a photographs, help others to get a glimpse of so many product of fertile minds with wich we sometimes agree and sometimes differ in our opinion. At the same time sharing some deepest feelings and experiences is in itself liberating too! Today I want to share one of them.

A few days ago a photo of me taken by my better half shook me out of an evident slumber. Actually it appeared on the whatsapp group in which all the four members of my family share. I was sitting in the sofa, with the tab opened in my hands, quite engrossed in some deep thoughts, rather oblivious of the surrounding. Sometimes we are transported to another world sitting in a place. The impromtu click of me, taken by my husband at the dining table was enough proof of that.

The saying, a picture tells a thousand tale, hold sometimes very true. It conveys the message more discreetly than thousand word of explanation. The creased and pensive face of me, reflected from the photo disturbed me. I just couldn’t accept the changes brought upon me by the recent events. As I have already told you that me and my husband tested positive for the unholy virus on the first week of May. The events afterwards were so much filled with anxiety and trepidation that it had evidently taken a toll on my psych. The relaxed attitude was replaced by incessant bouts of worrying about the uncertainty and confusion of situation.

All the efforts by my husband and children to instill the assurance in me that everything is going to be alright were going in vain. I was reduced to a nervous wreck. But that one picture had done the trick. It jolted me out of the stupor. I realised what a mess I was becoming and how my near and dear ones are getting affected by that. I resolved myself to retrace my steps.

I had totally abandoned taking care of myself. Slowly I started following a beauty regimen. If you look good, it instill a sense of confidence. Whenever some worry took hold of me, I indulged myself in some vigorous household works. It improved the ambience of my home and heart, alike. I actively participated in the small talks with my family. It helped me open up the demons of worry and slay them subsequently. My daughter being a qualified doctor, helped a lot to dispel the misconception and fears of post covid health complications.

Now,friends, I can tell you with a degree of self confidence that I am on the path of recovery by body, heart and mind. If we resolve to repair than every thing become possible. I wanted to convey the same to you. The self improvement is a continuous process, we must not loose our way.

Hope, you all are doing well with your lives. We must always strive to make it a lot better.

Stay safe and happy.

Adieu for now.

Preserve the Balance

Hello friends, I was goiing through my blog post written on June, 2020. An entire year has rolled over since then, but nature’s fury is still to be pacified, as recent natural disaster around the world, might suggest. Please do give it a read to know more. Here it is!!

As Lord Krishna asserts in Bhagavad Gita,that the lord Almighty or the Ekam Brahmma is the father , the nature is the quintessential mother. He puts the seed into womb of mother nature and the creation comes into being. One who doesn’t believe in God, must acknowledge that there is some inherent power overseeing and maintaining the delicate balance in nature for all living beings to flourish. Otherwise, how come there is enough water for all living beings and convertion of it, to create clouds to maintain the water cycle, optimum oxygen and carbon dioxide and temperature for animals and plants to survive, fertile soil for flora to grow and the list goes on. If we look into an individual human body all its internal functions are synchronized to maintain a healthy body. Suppose we do something drastic, like taking lot of alcohol, drugs, binge eating unhealthy foods or keep an erratic lifestyle, our bodies can get afflicted by some disease or the other.

My point is, if we go on relentlessly daring and breaking the rules of nature ,the consequences would be disastrous. I sometimes shudder to think whether we have already reached the brink, the tripping point? Hopefully not, I pray , but the telltale signs are visible, in the form of- out of control wildfires in Australia and Amazon, tornadoes and cyclones more in frequency and fierceness, flash floods, the maximum temperature hovering around fifty in summers even in colder zones, polar regions turning greener, instead of remaining in perpetual cover of thick sheets of ice. Above them all, the unfortunate spread of the unholy Coronavirus, no matter man made or otherwise , has literally caught the world unawares and it’s still grappling about, how to extricate itself from its recalcitrant clutches.

We are indeed shutting our eyes willfully shut like that proverbial hare who did it when it heard about the earth is falling down. It is certainly not going to serve our cause, as the problems we confront now is not going to go away by itself. What to do? Wait for our respective governments to act? Why not as an individual we at least begin to try in our earnest ? As we have the tendency to save as much money or amass as much property we could, for our progeny, but is it really worth it? When the earth is going to be impossible to live on!! I am not writing this to create terror in your hearts, but to collectively seek a way out of the mess we have put our mother earth into, by our indiscriminate greed and utter apathy towards preserving it. l will discuss about the small yet very essential steps we could adopt as an individual to solve this predicament we find ourselves in, the upcoming blogs.

Stay safe and happy.
Adieu for now.

A Happy Reunion after 45 Years

Hello friends, hope you all are doing fine by the grace of God. Today I’m going to share with you a happy piece of news published in The Times of India newspaper, which has proved that humanity is thriving and well. It’s about a family reunion of a man after 45 long years. A 70 years old man, Sajjad Thangal, living an anonymous life in Mumbai after surviving a plane crash in 1976, was united with his family in a village under Kollam district in Kerala. The sweetest part of the news is, along with his brothers and sisters, his 91 year old mother Fathima Beevi is living to greet her long lost son, back home. You just can imagine the happiness of a mother to see her son again, whom they might have lost hope to meet.

Pic ctsy: My Son

Sajjad Thangal had escaped death narrowly as he decided to stay back in Mumbai, the stopover, between Abu Dhabi and Madras. He was a part of cultural troupe and all the other members including his dear friend perished in the plane crash. Thangal went into an emotional shell, suffering from post traumatic stress. He had no money so he didn’t want to go back to his family insuch a sorry state.

Thangal’s family hoped to see him again, as his name was not included in the list of crash victims. Meanwhile Thangal drifted in his life doing odd jobs here and there in Mumbai. A chance rescue of an ailing Sajjad Thangal now 70, by a group of social worker unraveled the knot.

The founder of Social and Evangelical Association for Love (SEAL) ashram, Pastor K M Philip gave shelter to the frail old, ailing man in 2019. But he slowly recovered and started narrating his story. When contacted by the social activist, his mother broke down and told them in Malyalam that all these years she was hoping against hope that he is alive. She also added that the good deed of helping the needy, done by her husband, who had passed away in 2012, had helped them find her lost son.

Friends, if not for the caring of the SEAL members, Thangal would have been lost forever to his family, without them knowing that he was alive so far! Currently they are working on a project for the missing persons to reunite with their families.These noble work done by humans keep our faith in the existence of humanity.

Thanks for giving it a read. Stay safe and happy.

Adieu for now.

Circular Economy for Safe Future.

The next decade is going to be decisive in determining the future for our planet when it comes to climate and biodiversity. – Alok Sharma, British MP also the President of 2021UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP26.

Hello friends, today I’m going to share with you a new term called circular economy of which , got acquainted with a few days ago. For this we must discuss about linear economy first, which is currently practiced by most of the countries of the world. In linear system industries take natural resources, produce things, sell, use and dump these in mostly non biodegradable form into the ecosystem.These ‘throw-away culture ‘ results in overstuffed landfills and other byproducts like carbon di oxide and methane, the greenhouse gases behind global warming.

A circular economy cuts through these harmful clutter by reducing the use of non renewable natural resources, recycling and repurposing commodities. The aim is to save the earth from more landfills and polluted ecosystem. The world economic forum stresses that a global circular economy can bring material cost saving of one trillion dollars anually by 2025. The need of the hour is adhering to utmost discipline and regulation in production and consumption of goods, worldwide. Its environmental gains are also huge – applying circular strategies to cement, aluminium, steel, plastics and food could eliminate 45% of the emissions now heating the earth.

An interesting example of circular strategy is a group in Bengaluru, which employ mostly rural crafts women to upcycle and repurpose collected waste plastics, metal or denim into household accessories which are then sold online.

Julia Corwin, the geography teacher in London School of Economics, says that her research indicates that in lndia mass collections of used electronics are repaired, refurbished and resold in bulks to other businesses. The used electronic economy redirects the ‘e- waste’ back into use by producing new products. For example the used CRT computer monitors containing most hazardous leaded glass are remanufactured into TVs, thus extending the life of these electronics which would otherwise been dumped into landfills and the subsequent danger of toxic lead leaching into the soil and adjoining waterbodies.

In the circular economy the scrap dealers or ‘kabadi wallahs’ have a vital role to play. Yet they are often looked down upon by the society at large. The government and the common citizens must provide support and encouragement so that these fragmented, informal sector and sometimes illegal too, could be turned into respected and organized sector. They are indeed the vital medium to persue circular economy.

Friends to save the humanity, biodiversity and the environment, we all have to be extremely alert while using consumer products. We must use them sensibly by minmising its wastage and then have to ensure that most of the waste generated in our households and offices end up to be recycled or repurposed, instead of relegated to the landfills.

Let’s move away from blind and selfish consumerism and embrace minimalism for a better and safe future.

Stay safe and happy. Adieu for now.

The Tale of the Flying Guests and …!!

Hello friends, I’m gonna tell you about some flying guests I receive in the balcony of my first floor apartment. Guests! That too flying!! You may be wondering in this time of caution, how come guests are paying a visit? To cut the matter short I must reveal that those guest precisely consist of different kinds of birds like pigeons, mynahs, sparrows, grey doves and ofcourse crows. I like to treat them with boiled rice, chapati crumbs, biscuit and sometimes sweets and other delicacies. In the past one and half years of isolating and suffocating environment, their visitation is just like a breath of fresh air. Their boisterous chirping are the antidote to the tiresome monotony of our restriction filled lives.

Fortunately for us there is a large banyan tree in the society complex, just beside our apartment adorned with a beautiful ‘Shivalinga’ right beneath it. The vast expanse of greenary is as soothing to the eye, as to the soul, having a glimpse the holy Shivalinga( My family is ardent divotee of Lord Shiva).The huge tree also acts as the happy and safe abode to different kind of birds. Throughout the day, till the sun sets in, the tree provide the perfect assembly for the birds, where they appear to be discussing the matters concerning to them, through their tweeter, just like the mankind uses the social media app of the same name!

Whenever any member of my family come out in the balcony all the birds come to attention mode, looking for the prospect of food. If by any chance, food is not served to them in its alloted time, they sit on the open railing of the balcony and call in their own way, reminding us of the miss in the schedule. One surprising thing I noticed that they have an affinity towards fresh and fried food. If leftover food, out of the fridge is provided to them, it will take longer to be cleaned out. There is also an hierarchical queue i.e. the bigger birds like crows and pigeons will have their fill first then came the number of mynahs and doves. The tiny sparrows like to hop around blithely, pecking at the crumbs left scatterred by the bigger ones.

One day I was somewhat scared by the vision of a vanishing living thing which rapidly crept out of sight by my appearance. I tried to guess about its identity but couldn’t be sure and was quite apprensive too, what exactly it might have been!! Then the suspense was solved by my son who stealthily took a snap of the unknown guest. It was found to be a cute little squirrel who had discovered the availability of food out there!

Friends, it’s really fulfilling for our parched hearts to see so many birds and a squirrel too, going about happily with their lives without any stress or anxiety, which, by most of us humans been given shelter unscrupulously,. If we learn to banish those unhealthy emotions from our minds and make it baggage free, then we can also enjoy the life as they do, burdenfree. Can’t we atleast give it a fair try?

What’s your take about it? Do let me know in the comment section.

The Checkmate Stratagem.

Pic ctsy. My daughter Riya

Hello friends, I greet you all with the blissful glimpse of the serene and pristine monsoon sky. Through it, I just want to remind me and you that no matter how dark and ominous the clouds hovering around, they will eventually dissipate and bright blue sky will smile again. Let the majestic sky be the harbinger of the triumph of mankind over the hideous yet invisible enemy!

As a gentle reminder, the war is not over untill the final bugle is sounded. The complacency on our part can be detrimental to the mission and we have to remain on our guards untill it’s accomplished. It’s quite natural for us to be impatient to break the shackles of our homebound isolation. But by turning out in droves in public places and vaccationing without following the appropriate safety protocols of masking up, social distancing and vaccination will weaken our campaign comprehensively.

The past weekend my whole family too, craved for an outing and eating out, yet we decided against it and stayed put at home. As a consolation we ordered food from a well-known restaurant, lighted an aromatic candle and put some fresh flowers in the dining table vase and the ambience was complete with the soft music. It was indeed a welcome change in the monotony of our homebound life. We can be as ingenious as can be, to brighten our lives while sticking to safe behavior. This will certainly thwart the further march of the marauding virus.

The premature celebration can push us towards the third wave and we have to prevent that. Let’s be as cautious as we were for some more time, break the chain of infection and the pandemic would become a thing of the past. If we are resolute about it then the virus is bound to be relegated to oblivion. That would be our real and hard-earned victory and we would certainly be free to celebrate our independence in whatever way we want.

Vaccination and responsible behavior from all must be our chekmate stratagem!!

Wishing you all safety, health and happiness, adieu for now.

Celebrating the Lord Jagannatha.

-Lord Jagannatha Drawn by my daughter Riya

Hello friends, I feel so fortunate to dedicate my 100th blog post to Lord Jagannatha(the Lord of the World). Today is the auspicious day, the world famous Sri Jagannatha Ratha (chariot) Yatra or Annual Car Festival commences in Lord’s abode Puri, in Odisha. The Lord Jagannatha along with his elder brother Lord Balbhadra and younger sister Goddess Subhadra begins his 9 day visit to Gundicha Temple via their maternal aunt’s home from his main temple. They travel in separate wooden chariot which are constructed every year for the sacred occasion and dismantled afterwards after the Lord returns to his own abode.

All the Hindus living in any corner of the world observe the day by bringing out the holy chariot in their own cities and towns. The Lord Jagannatha consciousness is believed to be the path to salvation and one who had a glimpse of the Lord or drawn the ropes of the chariot are entitled to it. Lakhs of people congregate in Puri to observe the 3 km procession.The renowned saints of Bhakti era like Sri Chaitanya, Guru Nanak, Meerabai had visited the 12th century temple during this occasion. This time however the festival is observed without the devotees owing to the pandemic.

Lord Jagannatha is worshipped and treated just like humans. There is an interesting story associated with Car Festival. It is said that when Lords chose to take his elder brother Lord Balbhadra and younger sister Subhadra in this excursion, quite naturally his wife Goddess Lakhshmi is annoyed with him for being left out. To express her displeasure, she visits him on the fifth day at Gundicha Temple. Both the deities sit confronting each other and Goddess Lakshmi pleads with Him to return back along with her. The Lord refuses and funnily enough, like any jealous wife, before she returns empty handed she orders her servitude to break a part of the Lord’s chariot named Nandighosa, to vent her anger.

Another interesting anecdote is when Lord returns back to his temple, the follower of Goddess Lakhshmi allow the chariot of Balbhadra and Subhadra inside but block the path of Nandighosa. A fascinating verbal exchange take place between the followers of both sides, where Lord pleads with her to let him in and she refuses. At last when Lord presents her large bowl of ‘rosogolla’ a sweet delicacy, the Bengal and Odisha call their very own, she finally relents and allowed him in.

The above incidences emphasizes that when Lord adopts the human form, they also behave like humans do and that’s precisely make him more endearing to his divotees. The Jagannatha consciousness or Krishna consciousness have reached around the globe through Srila Prabhupada, an Indian spiritual teacher through his International Society of Krishna Consciousness, ISKCON.

Friends in this trying time, we can draw solace if we can align our thoughts with the consciousness of God, the Almighty. No matter which religion we happen to follow all leads to one Supreme Power, who holds the remote control of the world. Let’s all pray to Him to throw out distress and pain from our lives and we can live happily ever after. Jai Sri Jagannatha!

Happy Ratha Yatra to all of you.

Nature Teacher: Back to Basics.

Hello friends, today I’m reblogging my earlier post published in 25th July 2020. It’s indeed surprising the status quo remains exactly the same after passing of one full year. The topic of the blog stands as relevant as then. Please do have a read.

Today, I couldn’t help myself but smile, despite the gloom of pandemic all around, when the 76 geologists from over two dozen countries announced after a thorough research that the earth has recorded 50% less  seismic noise during the world  itself getting  locked down. Seismic noise are the vibrations or the pulse of human activities like heavy traffic, factories, concerts, football games, fireworks etc. It feels like the nature teacher has punished the errant school boys comprising the entire mankind into subsequent silence. The teacher was continuously dropping hints, warning us about the gross violations of its rules and indiscipline committed by the human race, yet they remained truants as ever. Now  the nature seems to have pushed it’s reset button and the  pupils have precipitously fallen in line. The din has turned into quiet submission .

Now  its up to us , how  we move forward. As much we mend our ways, the better. We must  let the nature breathe and our other fellow coinhabitants too as well as us!. The marine scientists are discovering that the aquatic world is thriving far better than earlier, during the lockdowns. This summer the  temperature is nowhere recorded in excess than normal and the monsoon arrived on the dot. Isn’t it the indication  of recovery  than what it is. The prescription is to revert back to basics. That doesn’t mean we should start living in caves wearing animal and tree skins! The funda is not very far than what we have learnt in our Environment Science books, only  we have to be more circumspect, disciplined and strict while enforcing the rule of nature. The chalta hai or devil may care attitude will not do.

We must be frugal while enjoying the luxuries  of life, which we have so meticulously devised for ourselves, like ACs, automobiles, other electronic equipments, reducing our air travels to bare necessity. The industrial activities should be moderated according to the basic consumption.The mindless development of tourism in ecological sensitive places like Himalayas,  Alps should  be stopped. If we do visit these places,  be remain extra cautious of not breaking any nature ‘s rule. We must mould ourselves like the  natives do and shouldn’t crave for extra comforts. Put a full stop to wasting food stuff. Buy as much clothes as we need. Restrict purchases of car to one or two per family. Opt for pool cars or public  transport. The  latter should comprise of exclusively E-vehicles. Adopt  as much  solar and other renewable energy as its available to us.

If we don’t require another chastising from nature then we must follow the above suggestions and more. As a rejoinder I must share another  piece of  news circulating of most alarming intensity, is that, China is thinking of shifting its two bio weapon laboratories from Wuhan to Pakistan, whom are quite infamous for not adhering to safety norms. I wonder what is the need of bio weapons! To rule the world? The likes of Alexander the Great and Napoleon  succeeded in their endeavors?!! China seems to be  hell bent on precipitating world’s doom or of itself only God can tell. It entirely  depends on how the world  reacts to it. We just  hope for the best.

Adieu for now.

The Art of Philanthropy

Hello friends, today I’m going to tell you about the grand gesture of hope shown by the founder- chairman of IT major Wipro, Mr Azim Premji. The great philanthropist who is annointed the most generous Indian, by donating a whopping ₹ 7,904 Cr in fiscal year 2020 for charitable activities. Through his dint he has turned Wipro from a hydrogenated oil producing company to a large conglomerate. Despite having a net worth of US $32.5 billion, Azim Premji has lived a simple and modest life. According to his son Rishad Premji, he asserts that he is the trustee of his wealth not the owner.

The former IT czar( he relinquished his post in 2019 to pay his full attention to philanthropy), further says,

“I strongly believe that those of us, who are privileged to have wealth should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged. “

The above statement is the true reflection of a man he is. The Azim Premji foundation he set up in 2021 to improve the quality of education in rural India, works with over 3,50,000schools. The Azim Premji University is not limited to school education , it includes other allied fields such as livelihoods, health, governance and sustainability which contribute to human development as a whole. The philanthropy section also provide handsome assistance to the genuine NGOs who are working forthe upliftment of downtrodden.

Premji said that children should be exposed to the real world of India – inequitable distribution of income, injustice and indignity of millions – to help grow a sense of humanness within them. He asked to go out and engage with the real world and get the hands dirty and see the problems all live with and that will move one to do whatever he or she can.

Not only that, in these trying times, Mr Premji has committed ₹1000 CR in addition to ₹1125 CR already announced for Covid relief efforts. The common people have been greatly devastated by the continuous onslaught of the pandemic. If more wealthy people like him come forward and work to support the downtrodden, a foundation of more robust society could be laid. Even the middle income group can lend their hand in whatever way possible to help the people in distress. Crowd fundings for a cause, are the best examples.

In the recent ‘Yaas’ cyclone devastation I have seen so many individual people or in group coming forward to help the homeless people of Sundarban and Midnapore region. These are the healthy sign of conscious society, which must be further encouraged and strengthened.

Friends, philanthropy doesn’t imply just to give away money but to ensure that it reaches the right persons and alleviate them from poverty and destitution. Then only an equitable society should be built where no body is deprived or helpless, where all the children get the education and learn the lifeskills which would go a long way in building a more healthy and happy society in future.

A Leap Forward.

Hello friends, in this post we will take stock of the act of leaping forward of the mankind amidst the much bruised and battered world. In the last one and half years the people in general and their views about life and lifestyle has been drastically altered. Almost the entire world barring the country of origin, perhaps, had to bear the brunt of the incessant onslaught of the invisible enemy, in continuous installments. In the hour of crisis on our very survival, the humanity has resurged with added vigour. We are much more conscious and ready to help the people in need around us. It’s really heartening and encouraging signs, an assurance that we’re eventually going to pull through.

It’s indeed no mean feat for the humans to develop the vaccine and inoculate so many people in such a short time, the process would otherwise have taken four to five years to complete. The tireless collaboration between the governments and the vaccine makers has done the magic. Some may opine that the selfish monetary gains are behind the zeal of the vaccine makers. It might be a point of consideration, yet we must accord them the credit of making the vaccine available in such a large numbers in such a short time. Although more is yet to be done in this area to make us all safe, we’re at least moving in the right direction.

Another trend worth mentioning is the coming together of large pharma companies in innovation and development of the new antiviral drugs which could reduce the severity and hospitalisation due to the disease to a large extent. These kind of cooperation was quite rare earlier.

Now the private companies have become much more perceptive of the hardships faced by their employees and dealing with them as much humanely as possible. They are trying their best to ensure that their employees are least discomforted by the turmoil, which wasn’t the case before.

The people have also become much more compassionate towards their household employees like maidservants, cooks, drivers and begin to treat them with the additional empathy. The past indifference has been replaced by genuine care. Even people are more than ready to help out the strangers in need.

We have all seem to have rediscovered the true meaning of life bestowed to us by the Almighty. The resilience of mankind is manifesting itself like never before. The German philosopher most rightly and eloquently said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger”.

Friends we all have to be strong and stand up for each other and the storm would pass us by. Let the glory of love, affection and brotherhood spread far and wide so that nobody feel leftout or lonely.

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