In Memoriam, My Mother.

Cover art of my parents, by my daughter (follow her art on instagram-

Hello friends, wish you all a very happy mother’s day. Stay happy and safe and follow all the safety protocol. I am reblogging my earlier post on my mother. Do give it a kind read.

Reminiscing the person, who had given birth to you, what better way is there to mark the day you were born, specially if the aforementioned person is no longer with you. Do I need to elaborate? It may be as clear as a bright morning that I’m talking about the Mother, eternal fountain of life. The very means, you and I exist in this world. I am certainly not reducing the importance of a father but you see, apart from sowing the seed of life, his physical involvement practiclly ends there. It’s the mother who nurtures a unicellular being with her own blood, to raise a complicated human form. Isn’t it magical in itself! A unique phenomenon, beyond explanation. A father has to wait for the birth of the baby to struck the emotional bond but a mother establishes it right from the inception.She can relate subconsciously to the life form taking shape in her womb. As a mother myself I can frankly assure you that it’s a privilege a woman relishes, in return of all the pains she has to bear during the childbirth and all through. So no pain and a little less gain for the father! What say?

Friends, a girl comes to realise the importance of a mother when she is married off and the actual meaning when she becomes a mother herself. Whan a woman starts juggling with the husband, in laws, household responsibilities, dealing with ever absent house maids,and afterwards the entry of the children , she finally rediscovers what being a mother truly means. It happened with me too. After marriage I began to bond with my mother in a more substantial way. Before marriage it was as usual mother daughter differences of opinion, the equation altered after the vital change in a woman’s life. Now, I had to share with her with her each and every new proceedings in my life. She became my friend with whom I could share my joys and griefs, take suggestions. It was endearing when she also started to give importance to my views and opinions. I felt grown up in a real way. The birth of my children was the means to strengthen the bond furthermore. We understood each other like one soul two bodies. If sometimes she was sad and avoided it’s intimation to me, I invariably became sad almost like telepathy. I felt ecstatic when any of my deeds brought smile on her face.

You come to realise the true importance of a teeth, when its no longer there to help you chew. I suddenly felt a great void when she abruptly departed us in her sleep. She was such strong woman that it was beyond my imagination to see her dead. I couldn’t come to terms with her loss, in fact I still don’t. After almost ten long years the ache of her going silent is still hurting a corner of my heart. If anything could bring my mother back, just for once, so that I could say a proper goodbye to her. It  might have assuaged me somewhat, but I know it is not to be and it still hurts.
Friends, this day I was born, what a better gift for me when my daughter presented with the pencil portrait of my parents, first thing in the morning. So they say – “The legacy goes on”.

God Save the World.

“Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhabati bharata, abhutthanam adharmsya tadatmanam srijamyaham, ,paritranai sadhunam vinashay cha dushkritam, dharmasangsthapanarthay, sambhamami yugey yugey.” These are the very words of Lord Krishna to Arjuna during the epic war of Maha bharata, faught between Pandavas and Kauravas, which is collected in the holy book, Gita. Here Lord Krishna assures Arjuna that when when the religion or righteousness is harmed, when inequity and injustice increases, He ( Lord) create Himself. To save the pious and good people, to destroy the evil and diabolic persons and to establish the faith in religion and righteousness , He takes birth in every era.

Hello friends, whichever faith we may belong to, one thing is universal that God, the Supreme Power is real savior of this world. We all presently are in dire need of His kind protection. The seemingly never ending spiral of pandemic has left the humanity exhausted and gasping for air. We must all ardently pray to Him to save the innocent people from the clutches of the invisible enemy and destroy it for good.

God need not to show Himself in person but He can bestow his blessing and wisdom to humans who would find a way out of this morass. That is the scientists and researchers who are relentlessly trying to find the most accurate ammunition to eradicate and control the pandemic.

It’s indeed been a long time almost the entire humanity is living in shadows of perpetual terror. I again reiterate that unity is the strength. If we all believers pray in unison to the Almighty to save the world, He is bound to listen. We need not go to a temple, a church, a mosque or a gurudwara to pray, we can do it simultaneously with whatever work we happen to be doing. The prayer from heart has the power to sway the Almighty to take note of our sufferings and rectify it.

I pray to Him to keep us all safe and healthy. Be careful, strong and alert to fight the problem away.

God save the world.

Adieu for now.


United We Stand.

Hello friends, sometimes I do wonder where the mankind is heading to! Is there any end to the mess, humanity is finding themselves into! Earlier all the countries of the world were blithely complacent regarding the safety of their countrymen by building up huge stockpile of nuclear and other arsenals. The defense expenditure was always on top in the national budgets ( which surprisingly still on top of the list). Unfortunately these arms have proved to be absolute duds in fighting the invisible enemy, we all are facing now.

This biological enemy has left the entire world clueless regarding the choice of soldiers and which arms to deploy to contain it. The attack was so surreptious and fast that the countries took time to put their acts together and making a gameplan to defeat the formidable one. Still now the war is raging in various degree of intensity across the world. The medical fraternity became the new soldiers and medical equipments the modern weapons.

It’s for the benefit of the entire world that the enemy must be tackled for once and for all. The Axis and the Allies (the two groups who fought the World War ll) will not do, there must be one, the United Front to fight this war. A close and efficient co operation and coordination between all the countries do have the potential to make the mankind victorious.

Like the sibling, who are used to bicker with each other on one pretext or other, when faced with adversity, get united to give a strong fight, all the countries must act collectively to defeat the enemy putting theirpast differences aside. It’s really heartening to see so many countries coming forward to help India in her hour of crisis. A close knit defense mechanism and vaccination drive can outsmart the virus.

It’s the time the humanity must overcome the boundaries of nationality and operate like one entity. The universal truth is, unity is the strength. Let’s all make 1 and 1, 11 and put up courageous front and put the calamity behind.

May God give us fortitude and show us the way out of this quagmire. May the normalcy return very soon. Every body must be safe and happy again and could get on with their lives as fearlessly as ever.

God bless all.

Adieu for now.


Self Regulation : The Need of The Hour

Hello friends, we all Indians are going through most trying times. When some calamity strikes, there is no other option than facing it. Rather than getting panicked, we must fight it with fortitude, resilience, co operation along with swift and timely action to save the precious lives. The government of India as well as all of us had a fair inkling that the second wave is inevitably coming down upon us. We were prepared for a small stone to hit us, but when it eventually fell on our heads, it was detected to be huge boulder. The immenseness of the dire circumstances left every one flabbergasted.

We were far more prepared and cautious the first time over than we are now. The lack of medical oxygen, ventilators, life saving drugs like Remdisivir and inadequate ICU beds are the stark evidence to corroborate the chinks in our preparedness. More than obvious laxity by the government and common citizens added to the woes. The huge election rallies and maskless people flouting the social distancing norms in crowded markets, public transport and various offices and banks is anything to go by. It’s now time to rectify our erring ways.

The proverbial cat is out of the bag, we have to look for ways to contain it. The meticulous coordination between the central and state governments and efficient delivery of essential medical supplies to each and every hospitals and monitoring the home quarantined patients can turn the tide in favour of us. The infection is treatable if timely medical intervention is provided.

To prevent the rate of transmission, self regulation and discipline can win the game for us. If we look at countries like Japan and South Korea, they have successfully kept the pandemic under control by sheer self discipline and alertness of each and every citizen of their countries. While dispensing all the services and economic activities, almost the entire population adhere to the strict safety protocols resulting in keeping the infections down.

I admit that India has a huge population to contend with in which there is a sizable number who are still unaware of the repercussion of disobeying safety protocols. Hereby I request all my readers to spread the awareness of donning the mask and social distancing through any which way you find it suitable. An infected person can spread it to over 400 people, if safety measures are taken it can be reduced to as low as 2 persons.

It should be our individual duty to run the campaign of educating common people about safety protocols. A simple mask, social distancing and regular disinfecting of our hands can change the course of the game for us without locking ourselves down and the ensuing economic fallout. Self regulation and discipline must be our war cry against the pandemic. We shall overcome the adversity by fighting it unitedly. Wishing a speedy victory of mankind!

Adieu for now.


A Dedication to the True Covid Warriors.

Hello friends, you may call it ironic that after writing a blog titled ‘The other side of Corona’, I’m furnishing you with the glimpse of this side of Corona. If one word can describe the attack of Corona on me and my husband , it’s simply horrible. Though I was released after six days of hospitalization my husband got the much awaited respite only yesterday after full eighteen days of confinement in which six days he had to spend in ICU.
I just want to dedicate this column to the true warrior of the pandemic and they are health workers. Though the doctors are at the helm of commanding the war, the real fighters are the foot soldiers, a highly  dedicated set of nurses, house staffs and kitchen staffs of the hospitals.
Friends,  I’m the live witness of the enormous constraint  in which they have to deliver their services. They have to don the garb of highly oppressive PPE kits for eight to twelve hours at a stretch depending upon their shifts. Yet they were all meticulously tending to the huge tide of the infected patients .
Beside giving the relentless medical care they were surprisingly lending a sympathetic ears to the trials and travails of the physically and emotionally shattered patients. With their soothing words, more often than not they succeeded in calming the frayed nerves.

With their ready smile and energy, they were like angels taking every care of the patients,  be it timely administering medicines, adequate food and clean environment. It was like a well oiled heavy machinery which was working very efficiently and with  utmost coordination.

When I was discharged, a host of nurses and other staffs  became like friends to me. They took care of every small  requirement of mine like supplying  a rubber band to tie my hair or an ointment for my lips or managing  some biscuits at the wee hour of the night when I felt hungry. To divert our worrying and panicked minds they woulds chat with us exchanging personal anecdotes with each other.

Friends, I don’t have enough words to salute their dedication in fighting the pandemic war. Hat’s off to them for their sincere efforts to cure the hapless patients out of the clutches of infection. The efforts of those fearless covid warriors must be exalted and feted by each and everyone as they are the true life saviors in this trying times. I sincerely thank them from the core of my heart for helping us to get out of the infection.

Wish you all health and happiness. May God give us strength to tide over this calamity with fortitude. Stay safe and cautious, take every precaution to avoid the infection. Stay home, don’t venture out unless it’s absolute necessity. Fervently wishing for a better and safe circumstances for the entire man kind.
Adieu for now.

How to face the Pandemic.

Hello friends, as you all are aware that pandemic situation in India is worsening day by day. It’s spreading like a wildfire. Yet people aren’t taking as serious note of it as they should have been. It’s true that general lockdown brings a lot of economic hardship to the common people. Still, we as individuals must adhere to the safety rules of compulsory wearing mask when going outside, hand washing and social distancing. Unfortunately, some people are not heeding the caution and going out without mask.

In the case of being declared positive,  there shouldn’t be any  cause to panic because it only dampens our fighting spirit. As being fresh out of the infection I would like to share some suggestions with you that I have gained, if somebody wants to stay in home quarantine.
1. Immediately start following the Covid protocol issued by various state governments.
2. Take steam inhalation in the morning and at night, 4 – 5 time hot water gargling mixed with hexidine.
3. Some free hand exercises like stretching the hands up ten times, then sideways ten times  it will augment the lung function.
4. Eat a lot of fruits like apples, oranges, sweet lemon, guavas , watermelons etc
5. Drink  a glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon mixed to it, twice over.
6. Get adequate sleep.
7. Take meals on time.
8. Take healthy snacks in-between meals.
9. In case of breathing trouble keep portable oxygen supply at hand and lie down flat with chest down and back up(prone position), the posture said to increase oxygen supply. Measure the oxygen concentration through oxymeter in regular intervals. If it’s falling below 93_ 94% hospital admission should be considered.
10. A CT scan of chest should be done to assess the condition of the lungs and proceed the treatment accordingly.
11. Maintain an online communication with a physician.
12. Don’t get scared by the recurring fever it will subside after taking prescribed medicines as per protocol.
13. Use the isolation time constructively by writing journals or anything one wants .
14. Listening to soothing music will calm the nerves.
15. Avoid people who enhance your worry quotient instead of reducing it. Talk and interact with those who help to boost the moral.
16. Run all the blood test as prescribed in proper time and get it assesed by your physician.

Friends, I pray to God to keep each and every living being safe and healthy. The victory over the infection would be the true win of the mankind.
Adieu for now.

From Darkness, into the Light.

Hello friends ,as me and my husband were stuck with Covid and both were hospitalized. Ihave been discharged but he is still recuperating under hospital care. I sincerely seek your good wishes for his speedy recovery

Friends, it seems Covid 19 is not going to leave us in a hurry, turning into a multi million headed leech, drawing human blood in incessant installments. The pandemic has not only given us ruthless body blow,it is slowly creeping up to damage our emotional well being too. We must have to press the rescue button before it is too late. The series of lockdowns, social distancing and shutdown of educational institutions is beginning to hurt our minds too,specifically the young and impressionable ones . To a large extent Sushant Singh Rajput is an unfortunate victim. It has indeed setup a very bad precedence, we must be wary of. Whatever may be the causes leading to it, now more or less established that the depression he was suffering from, indeed the reason behind his death.

In the past generation, the word depression was quite unheard of, although they had been deprived of most of the wordly comforts, like lack of electricity, entertainment blitzkrieg called social media, private transport and all the modern amenities at home. Yet they were a happy and contented lot. Don’t you think that happiness and contentment are vanishing from young ones, whom in spite of living in the lap of relative luxury, still find ways to sulk over one pretext or the other? The present bleak scenario is compounding the matter. No more hanging out, nor the physical interaction with friends and extended family. No more face to face chatting sessions, nor the leg pullings and intermittent quarrels. What is the solution? Yes, to look within your soul and find out what it craves for, of which we were oblivious about. We had no inkling nor had the leisure to ponder on,we were just running to reach one deadline after the another. We have to discover the food for the soul to nurture it back to the pink of health.

I shall like to give the example of my mother in law who is about 87years old, but she hasn’t allowed herself to wither away just like that,knowing that she has passed her prime. The most commendable in her is the endless zest for life. She still sticks herself to a fixed routine, reading newspapers, books, watching television, cutting vegetables, tending to the flower pots, talking to the visitor and the long list of her clan over the phone. She came from a larger family of six sisters and four brothers. She was brilliant in studies yet forfeited her right to study,happily, as at that time parents couldn’t afford education for all. Being the elder one and she kept a strict vigil and went on to nurture her siblings to academic glory, as two of her sisters became masters in Surgery and literature, two brothers became professors.

Though she studied only upto class five but instead of wallowing in self pity or dejection, she home schooled herself and went on to become no less learned than her accomplished siblings. After being married off, she went on to prove herself a great homemaker despite being saddled with a husband who had no idea how the house is run leave aside child rearing. They had two daughters and four sons and with her sheer grit and determination managed to bring them up beautifully. Today they are not only well settled, they are wellmannered,practical with all of them having creative bent of mind. The credit solely goes to her. Whatever may be the advese circums. tances, she navigated them with resilience and came out with flying colors. There is no place for depression in her repertoire as she never complained and fought with valour.

One thing is remarkable in her journey so far, that she never let go of her creativity and pursuit for the happiness of her soul,and imbibed the same in her children

So friends do pay heed to the yearning of the soul and indulge in the creativity to your heart’s content. Have a nice talk with your parents, spouses and friends they would enable you to see the light after the dark tunnel. Remember the simple thing that when winter comes, can spring be far behind? It always the darkest before the dawn. Always be positive, happy and contented. Adieu for now.
Mousumi Mukherjee.

The Other Side Of Corona.

Cover photo credit : my daughter Riya Mukherjee.

Friends I’m reblogging today,my earlier post which is as relevant today as it previously was. Please do give it a read!

Friends, in this pandemic time I would liketo call you all to be fearless while navigating through the daily chores of life. Living in a perpetual terror of Corona isn’t going to solve our problems. The fear psychosis merely compounds the crisis at hand by turning us into an emotional wreck. Do we allow ourselves to be swayed and get dumped into the pit of depression? Certainly and emphatically not! No way it’s going to put us down!! Being  fearless doesn’t mean one needs to be brash and careless, rather be vigilant, strong and already to face the calamity with enough fortitude. Remember, the empty mind devil’s workshop, we shouldn’t at any cost allow our minds to be ruled by devils, instead carefully fill it up with something interesting and engaging. How about some creative hobbies you always wanted to persue but never had the time and stamina, as we all were nothing but busy bees, running after one deadline to another. Its never too late, you just begin and soon find it too riveting to leave and the adulation you receive for your work might be the added bonus.

I shall furnish you with  some life drawn examples to support my plea.

Yes, my friends, my own experience tells me that pursuing a creative hobby is a great stress burster. I wanted to write something, right from the teenage, but one thing led to another and it remained my unfulfilled dream. Fortunately, I was gifted by my other half, a tablet device, a few months ago, when the pandemic wasn’t so pronounced. Subsequently, it became a boon for me during the lockdowns, I started writing blogs  without using pen and paper. I was myself sweetly surprised to find such an efficient tool of writing and soon took to it as a fish does to the waters. I started  posting them in WordPress (helped by my tech savvy son), within two months of writing, the response is no less than phenomenal for me. I just can’t describe my happiness and fulfillment. I have no time for anxiety any more.

The second example is my daughter, who is in final year of her medical degree. The lock down had put a brake on her busy schedule. Besides attending online classes, she had so much time to kill. This time also my husband’s idea came in very handy, he gifted her painting supplies and asked her to draw. In response she looked so incredulously at him as if she was asked to till the land and start farming. After much exhortation from us, she finally came around and began drawing. In no time her inherent proficiency in art, though she is not trained in it, brought her much accolade in social media platforms. Her pencil sketches and paintings brought enough joy and pleasure for her too. She has no spare time worrying over stalled classes and semesters.

The third example is my elder brother in law and his wife, both have artistic bent of mind. The lock downs have also helped them to hone their skill. He is making hand crafted house models and other things and she is making cloth dolls wearing exquisite dresses.

Whenever, you create something it fills you with immense satisfaction and joy as if giving birth to a baby. In this trying times if we indulge ourselves with creative activities it will throw out negativity around us. Need of the hour is to be brave, if we live in constant fear, half the battle would be lost before it actually gets started.

Put on a brave front and be alert too!
Adieu for now.

The Predicament of Youth.

Hello friends, we’re into the month of April, around this time last year, almost the entire world was plunged into an abyss from which we’re yet to extricate ourselves completely. I will tell you about my son who is eighteen going on nineteen, which could be an apt reflection of how the youth today is coping with the unwelcome alteration in their previous lifestyle. Initially he seemed to relish the much needed break, right after the hectic Higher Secondary Board examinations and other engineering entrances. There was no excuse for me to object to his binge gaming on the net, all his friends virtually joining in, live.

Eventually, after the results, he got admission in Computer Science engineering. The classes started, online. In the beginning he was diligently attending classes as all the others but the novelty soon wore off and he subsequently realised that  there are  chinks in the armour, overseeing the lot.Taking advantages of these loopholes, most of the young ones have diverted their attention to gaming and watching E-sports.

I asked him, “What is E- sports?” He enlightened me with a lot of wisdom that it’s a kind of competitive sport today’s young generation have hooked onto. The on line games like Valorant, Counter Strike, and Fortnite fall in this category. There are two teams comprising of five members each.The attacking team tries to plant a bomb in a designated virtual place and the defending team tries to defuse it. He says that these games have become so popular abroad that it’s played on large screen in a stadium and the spectators come to cheer them up. I have no convincing logic to dissuade him from it, because there is no other alternative in sight to wean them over towards real sports and other activities.The pandemic has forced us all home bound.

I used to feel frustrated, finding him glued to his desk top chair, either attending classes or playing games. I was patiently waiting for fatigue to set in. One fine Sunday evening, I was preparing to go out along with my husband for our monthly groceries shopping to Metro Cash and Carry. My son suddenly volunteered to accompany us to our said jaunt. I gaped at him with sheer wonder, how could he have acceded to the most detesting and boring thing in his eyes, a shopping spree with his parents!

I realised then in his desperation to go out, he readily agreed. Initially he took very active interest in buying things to his liking, patiently carrying the shopping cart wherever I went, running the errands for me. I was so immersed in stocking up my pantry that soon all my attention was diverted towards it. Then suddenly my eyes fell on my son, he was leaning over the piled up shopping cart engrossed in his phone. This is the predicament of today’s younger generation.They have nowhere else to resort to, other than the virtual world!

Friends, let’s hope that they soon can go back to their active college lives and other co-curicullar activities. Their mental and physical well-being greatly depends on that.

Stay safe and healthy.
Adieu for now.

A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Hello friends, we’re approaching another weekend but the obnoxious Coronavirus rearing it’s head for the second wave, has sent all of us in our guards, yet again. The vax jibes for all might be the ultimate solution for the menace. Meanwhile I am gonna give you, me included, a virtual tour and some glimpses of pristine and untouched natural beauty of a small hilly village in the north of West Bengal called, Lollegaon. The tiny place consisting of no more then 2300 people, is tucked away in the arms of Himalayas. The Kanchen Jangha, the third highest peak in the world can be viewed from there in full regalia, weather permitting. We visited the place in the summers of 2018 as a second leg of our Darjeeling trip, which my hubby included in the itenary, at the insistence of his colleagues.

When we started from Darjeeling for Lolegaon on a hired vehicle, we had absolutely no clue about the place, and were only informed that its a 5-6 hours drive. We traveled down hill upto the town Kalimpong then the road started to wind upwards. For our utter dismay, the villages and passing by vehicles became sparser and the road bumpier. It felt as if we’re heading to the wilderness. Our apprehension quotient was rising in proportion to the misgivings of the driver who had ventured for the place first time ever! The assurance of the GPS kept us sane, to the fact, that the place does exist. As we rode higher negotiating the dangerous bends, we tried our best not to show our anxiety in front of the driver who was getting more impatient with each passing minute. Only the fearful glances were exchanged between us regarding the feasibility of the trip, as the car trudged through, to the unknown.

All our misgivings were at last put to rest when a signboard announced that we’re approaching Lolegaon. The glimpse of the scenic hill top village immediately switched our worries into exuberant joy. The unadulterated natural beauty of the place simply took our breathe away and after a prolonged bout of consternation my husband allowed himself a sigh of relief. As a bonus the hotel was fantastic and the food was delicious.

The village of Lolegaon, adorned with towering Dhupi, mossy Oaks and Cypress trees, absolutely looked ethereal. The place is famous for the canopy walk, a 180 metres long hanging wooden bridge tied to one tall tree to another among the evergreen forest can be termed simply amazing. The scene became more fabulous in the shroud of mist and we felt like transported to another world. The enclosed photographs may give you some idea of the place.

I will say no more, suffice is to say that I stiil feel myself refreshed, reminiscing those out of the world experience. All the suspense during the trevel seemed worth it, rejuvenating us like the wildflowers and orchids bloomed there in abundance.

Wish you a very happy and cheerful weekend .

Adieu for now.


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