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Lighting up the Hearts

Hello friends, I wish health, happiness and prosperity, for you all, on the after eve of Diwali. As far as Indians are concerned, this festival of light, needs no introduction. However for those who have no idea about one of the most important festival of India, I must tell them that on Diwali each and every Hindu homes are thoroughly cleaned, decorated with colourful fairy lights, rangolis and diyas (earthen lamps). People welcome Lord Ram’s arrival back to his capital Ayodhya along with his wife Sita and the entourage after spending fourteen years in exile.


 He also killed the demon king of Lanka, Ravana, who had arrogantly dared to abduct Sita, to make her his wife. After a fierce battle, the latter was decimated by the former, which we celebrate as Dussehra, twenty days prior to it.

Rangoli at our doorstep


Diwali is mainly celebrated as victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The cleanliness and light are symbolic of dispelling the darkness and gloom residing in the corners of the hearts of people. We also worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesa, the deity siblings, for wealth and prosperity. In Bengal Goddess Kali, the fierce form of Goddess Durga is also worshipped during the auspicious moonless night of Diwali.


Friends, one thing associated with Diwali, which is quite hazardous and harmful to environment, that is bursting of firecrackers in every household. I own that the fireworks provide a rush of adrenalin and excitement to the revellers, but there were countless instances of people getting injured playing literally with fire, crackers that is. The toxic fumes releasing into the atmosphere, used to engulf all the cities and towns of India, spreading a blanket of smog for days, afterwards. Thankfully not anymore.


Due to raised awareness towards environment protection, strict vigilance on the part of administration the practise has currently come down to a great extent. Some green crackers do come up in the market which is said to be environment friendly.


Un-fortunately in other part of the world, live bombs are still being dropped to destroy the infrastructure and kill innocent people. A forecast of a bleak winter, when a large part of humanity might have to withstand chilly condition without proper heating system could become a harsh reality.


Let’s pray that good sense prevails and the mindless war comes to a stop. Wishing peace and prosperity all across the world, I fold my today’s edition. See you again with another of my post. Do keep reading and stay connected.

Adieu for now.

Cover photo : Lakshmi -Ganesha Pooja at our home.




A Glimpse of a Carnival

If you understand others, you are smart. If you understand yourself you are illuminated. If you overcome others, you are powerful. If you overcome yourself, you have strength. If you know how to be satisfied, you are rich. If you can act with vigour, you have a will. —     Lao Tzu  

Hello friends, I greet you all with the above enlightening quote. These are the nuggets which indeed give us the right perspective of how to negotiate life.  Now coming to the subject of this blogpost. It’s about the Diwali Carnival, our school,management organized for all the teachers, right from nursery to higher secondary on the evening of November 5.

After a small cultural programme,  a game of housie and a lucky draw, we all came out into the grounds. What followed afterwards was a spectacular show of fireworks, lined up one after the another.

A collective gushing of people enjoying the fare, was floating all around. All mesmerized by the scintillating visual of thousands of colourful flakes of tiny sparks of light burstting and dancing across the darkened sky of the evening.  The ethereal moon and a sparkling star in the clear sky was providing a stunning backdrop for the bursting of firecrackers.

In my previous blog, I mentioned the hazards of fireworks. But, if organized in a systematic manner for a large number of people to enjoy, I think it’s worth it. Specially when it’s happening after a gap of two tedious and depressing years of lull.

A video grab of the amazing firework

To sum up the post, I must tell you that a sumptuous and delectable meal of a vegetarian fare was arranged for all, on the open grounds of the school. Right from the starters to main course, sweets and ofcourse the  heavenly ‘faluda kulfi’ icecreams every one enjoyed the delicious food with the heady mix of nonstop chattering.

At the end when we proceeded fot the thanksgiving to the President sir, I said effusively that I would never forget this magical experience in my lifetime. In reply, he said that never consider any event as one off, they are one of the several milestones in life,  who could say the next carnival might be more spectacular! He is so right!!

Friends  that’s it for now, shall meet you again, managing and sqeezing some spare time.
See you then,  adieu for now.

Sky is the Limit.

Hello friends, it’s been a really long time, since I connected with you.There were so many topics, which I wanted to share with you. But as I said earlier, I got swept away on the tides of time. Unable to find a suitable window to have a chat with you.

The entire September was taken up by the Half Yearly examination, preparing result cards and the parents teacher meeting. It may sound like a regular chore for a teacher, nothing exceptional. Yet, a nouveau on the arena like me, it was literally a huge mountain to surmount!

Can’t say that the entire process was a cakewalk for me. I stumbled big time on the way, once the situation was so dire that I thought that there was no way out. Fortunately I got the support of a credible engine which propelled me out of an imminent catastrophe.

Friends, sometimes the situation becomes so complicated that you think that this is it! You may never come out of it unscathed. And then a kind of a divine intervention occurs(I’m a true believer) and you find yourself safely off the line of fire.

Actually, saying the truth, I have as much idea of handling a computer as a kid has of the working of a sophisticated weapon! My family and the co- teachers were constantly reminding me to learn it, as computers today have become an inherent part in every aspect of our life including teaching. In the past I somehow scraped through the situations with the help of my son who is a pro in operating the device. I thought, this time too I would succeed to sail through, but no way!

As a class teacher I had to  prepare the result cards of the students using a consolidated Excel sheet, Mail merge, editing and then taking the stuff on a flash drive and submitting it for printing the hard copies of result cards. Upto halfway I completed it with the help of my son at home.

The rest of the assignment had to be completed at the school hour itself, as we were informed that it was mandatory  the final soft copies were to be given for printing that working day only! So, no room for maneuvering. Getting my son’s assistance was completely tossed out of the picture. We all headed for the computer lab, my throat drying up, as if I was ordered to fire a Kalashnikov automatic rifle without knowing exactly where the trigger was, let alone firing from it!

I was new, so another teacher was deputed to help me with the Mailmerge, and I was supposed to edit and crosscheck the marks from the mark register. What a dilemma! When I tried to take control of the mouse, it was running haywhere! The keys of the keyboard were absolutely alien to me, as I never bothered to work at it, despite the repeated reminders of my family. Though I was familiar with the keyboard of a tab as I write my blogs in it.

The Vice Principal Ma’am, asked one of the senior teachers to assist me, but in a few minutes the person got exasperated with a snail-like pace of mine. Assessing the hopeless situation, Ma’am decided to take the matter in her own hands. She asked the teacher to move away and promptly settled herself beside me and started the process of editing almost from the beginning. There were 46 student’s result cards to be edited!

All the other teachers toiling with their own task, looked at the proceeding with sheer disbelief. It was indeed hard to fathom that she would come to my rescue in this way! After almost three hours of painstaking hardwork the copies were finally ready for printing.

That day when we were coming out of the precinct of the school, the darkness of the evening greeted us. My heart was feeling like a feather as a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulder. I saw Ma’am was also ready to leave on her scooty, I approached her and proffered my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to her.

Friends, the story afterwards is that my son has bought a laptop for me from his internship money and I have written this blog entirely with the help of the device. Hopefully at the time of annual results I would become computer savvy enough to do all my work without taking anybody’s assistance. I may call  it my end of the year resolve.

Shall meet you again shortly with another one of my blog. Stay safe and happy. Adieu for now.  

Home is where the heart is.

Hello friends, hope you all are well and getting along fine with your respective lives. As you might have read my latest post which deals with marriage and family, I thought it better to reblog my earlier post which deals with the safety net of a family and a home. These two are our basic requirements but sometimes we fail to invest as much time and energy into it, resulting in a friction between the members.

As we all know, a house becomes a home when a family resides in it and subsequently becomes a ‘home sweet home’ by the love and dedication, the family members tend to feel for each other. It’s  not hard to guess how the home would look like, lacking any of the above two.

As all the fingers of our hands are not equal, similarly  the disposition and habits of the family members, be it husband and wife, children and other extended members (in the case of joint family) can not be the same. The requirements are, a lot of patience, adjustments and perseverance by all to transform it into a harmonious dwelling.

Just for a small example, suppose husband, after a hair cut leaves traces of small hairs on the soap, the wife either would shout her lungs out for the indiscretion or calmly ask him to wash the bar to get rid of the irritating thing. If children do not remove their emptied bowls of cereal from the dining table or forget the smoothie glasses dry and uncleaned in their study table or for that matter not removing the discarded clothes to the laundry basket, after bath, its up to the matriarch, how she handles these. Leave aside, the hapless job of arbitrating the sibling quarrels and the adult fights.

The point is to be calm and persevere with the erring member untill the person correct his or her faults. Maintaining a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere at home is indeed a delicate balance. All the family members must strive to uphold it to preserve an atmosphere of general well-being.

It’s the responsibility of the homemaker to act like jokey, maneuvering, adjusting and channelising her entourage towards safety and happiness. The main focus should be on averting potential landmine of conflict which could jeopardize the peace of mind of all. Each should be aware of the problems faced by the other one and unitedly try to fix it at the earliest. Have fun and healthy banterings during the meal times. Give equal importance and attention to each member. Make their opinions count while taking any important decision. Don’t crack jokes at the expense of other’s sensibilities.

Friends, we must all try to keep the ambience of our respective homes so enticing, that one experiences an instant solace just getting inside it. Listening out each other’s grievances and acting upon, to rectify it may do the trick. A tidy clutter free home with caring people is the best recipe to make our lives blissful. Then why queer our own pitch by starting an argument and sticking on it for toxicity ‘s sake? Nip the problem in the bud, before it becomes a humongous one.

Keep smiling and try to bring a smile on other’s faces too!

Adieu for now.

A Homage to The Teachers of My Life

The influence of teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future. – F. Sionil Jose

Hello friends! Wish you all a very happy Teacher’s Day and our remembrance to Sri Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice President of India, on his birthday. He was a respected teacher, a philosopher and a statesman. On this day we pay homage to all the teachers and life teachers who, with their painstaking perseverance with us, helped us to carve out a niche for ourselves in this world.

Its the sum total of teachers’ valuable guidance, which mould the shapeless clay into a fine art. The teachers enhance our traditional education and knowledge. The life teachers are the one who relentlessly provide us with precious inputs to navigate through the trials and tribulations of life, successfully.

Today I would like to specially thank my school’s principal when I was in class five, Vajpayee Sir. He was a national award winner for the Best Teacher’s Award and received the prize from the President of India. He had a keen eye and watched each of the children of the school like a mentor. He would call the children individually if he detected any anomaly and asked the chlid to rectify it .

Once I was called to his chamber. With lots of apprehensions  when I entered, he ordered me in a stoic voice, to pick up a book and put it on my head. I was puzzled, yet complied, he then  asked me to walk. I obeyed and did it with great concentrationfor the next five minutes, “That’s it”,he murmured ,”From now on you will walk as if a book is balanced on your head. You tend to walk with hunched shoulders, this will rectify it”.

Believe me , when ever afterwards I got up to walk, his gentle words reverberated in my mind and I sincerely followed his instruction. Soon the flaw in my walking posture is corrected. I got the confidence to walk straight. In so many  students, he was able to spot individual flaws and ensured that it was duely corrected. Hat’s off to him!

Among life teachers I  must thank my parents and most particularly my mother in law and my husband. When I got married, I was merely a twenty year old doing her graduation, as it wasn’t considered anything unusual at that time. After marriage,  my mother in law took me affectionately under her tutelage as I practically knew nothing about running a household. With lots of patience and care she taught me the tricks of the trade, right from the scratch. Now I can safely certify myself a seasoned housewife, credit goes to my mother in law, the teacher!

At last but not the least my gratitude goes to my husband (as the saying goes, Pati Param Guru), for convincing me to persue my studies. It’s only due to his encouragement, I managed to secure my Bachelor in Education (B Ed) and Masters in History and then in Education respectively. I did it along side taking care of the education of my children!

Today I can vouch that all these people’s priceless guidance which turned a shy little girl into a self confident woman who can negotiate through life with conviction. I bow to thee!

Wishing you all health, happiness and peace.
Adieu for now.

Chasing The Shadows

Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow–Aesop

Hello friends, Getting into the profession of a teacher I have to interact with so many people. In the process, so many newer dimensions of human relationships are unfolding before me. One thing I particularly observed is the fickleness and  impermanence of a strong institution called marriage and the matter is really very concerning. A few days ago our judiciary has also observed that the practise of ‘use and throw’ culture has seaped into the marriages of today.

Calling it quits has become the norms intead of exception. Not very long ago, marriages especially in India were considered forever, irrespective of couples enjoying the congugal bliss or remain stuck with each other for life. I have myself seen so many examples where the either party are or rather were absolutely dissatisfied with each other yet they chose to remain  together for life.

I think it’s better to come out of toxic relationships. But, if it is broken merely on the whims and doubts of either side then it literally becomes the case of chasing the shadows and getting lost in the process.

In this fast paced world so many of the people have neither the time, the mindset nor the patience to get to the real substance. That’s working painstakingly on a relationship to make it work. Being accomodating and adjusting in a way that could weave smooth patterns of a life, forever together.

Why not, let the light of love and affection for each other throw away all the shadows existing in a relationship! A sensible and sincere talk can go a long way to smoothen the creases. Being a little selfless and caring for the needs and emotions of the other side, might do the trick.

It always feels good to hear the happily ever after stories. A whole lot of investments are required from both sides to make it happen. The true happiness is in being together as a family instead of going out, looking for it all over again.

Moreover, how anyone could forget that there are the emotions and welfare of children involved in it too! It would be always better to avoid wrecking havoc to the innocent lives, brought into this world by them only, by opting to go to their own separate ways.

Unfortunately I have witnessed some of them among my students and how disturbed and lost they look! It pains me no end, hearing the sad story behind it. Which could have been turned out a happier one if the both sides tried genuinely hard to work on the faultlines and try to reform their erring ways. We should all beware of loosing the substance in chasing the shadows.

The wise always gets to the bottom of the matter first then decide the next course of action. Think and take corrective actions before breaking something which are in fact the building blocks of the society. Because good and responsible citizens are got to be nurtured in a happy family.

Wishing you all health, happiness and peace. Adieu for now.

Picture courtesy: My better half!!

All about a Performance!

Hello friends on 15th August, we all Indians celebrated our 75th Independence day. Earlier as a homemaker, I remained largely away from the festivities that’s mainly centered around various schools and community functions, sports and other art competitions.

But this time, becoming a school teacher, got to experience the holding of a cultural function involving  handling of children of various age group and co-ordinating with other teachers, so that, it is conducted smoothly without any glitches. The exhilarating experience of which I’m gonna tell you in this blog.

I, along with another fellow teacher, were assigned the supervision of the choir group, who were singing a medly of patriotic songs in Hindi and Bengali. When I took charge  I was totally uncertain of what exactly my responsibilities were. I better decided to go with the flow and do my best with whatever instructions came my way.

So, the call was to take the children for the first stage rehearsal. When I took stock of the situation, a large group of students comprising of more than thirty five of them from class six to tenth standard constituted the choir group. It was more like a fun gathering for them, a little respite from studies. The music teachers find it really hard to prune the total numbers to a manageable one!

We were entrusted to lead the entire flock from the music room to the auditorium. With a lot of shouting (which I nearly forgot after my children are grown up, though!) on our part,  the boisterous lot were at last congregated at stage. With a lot of adjustments they stood at last to sing the songs.

My heart almost sank to see the lackluster performance, the faces of other teachers present there, telling the same story. Barring a few, all the others seemed out of their depth. The music teacher had to chip in herself to make it a little palatable.

The guitar playing students whom were ten of them in total, seated in the front, were almost inaudible. Only their teacher who seated himself in the middle could be heard! The vice principal present there strictly reprimanded that no prompting from teachers like this could be allowed.

We took them back to the music room. I positively conveyed to the music teacher and the head guitarist about the below par performance. They were ready with the excuses that they didn’t get enough time to rehearse, but the malady lied in another front, the students looked not motivated enough.

I took the initiative and talked to boys who were playing guitars that they must think themselves as the soldiers in the battle field to save their motherland and they were holding the guitar instead of the gun. The pep talk seemed to have worked as I found all of them sitting straight and charged up while concentrating on the strings of their respective guitar, when the rehearsals began again.

I also talked to the singinging group which was quite a large one, and put acress to them in no uncertain terms that they have to infuse more energy and earnestness to the songs, and should be mindful that they were representing their school and  that the reputation of it was at stake. Then I took a chair and sat right in front of them and didn’t budge from there till the end.

The ploy worked. The body language of the children changed. They became sincere in practising, whenever anybody tried to stray, a stern look from me was suffice to make them fall in line.The music teachers were also fired up now, giving instruction to them with added vigour. We, the teachers present there clapped and encouraged them with every improvement in their performance.

It was the penultimate day to the function and when the rehearsals ended, everybody looked satisfied by the outcome.

On the day of the function, the lady teachers had the dress code of creame coloured sarees, the male teachers wore light colored kurtas and children were all in white with green or orange wrapper across their shouldres representing the tricolor.

As they were about to enter the stage from the green room, I just showed them the thumbs up and raised my fist to boost their morale. As the children arranged themselves in disciplined way, we silently sneaked in to see the performance.

Believe me friends,  after ending of the performance the entire auditorium erupted in applause. The dignitaries were specially profuse in their commendation. When the children finally retreated after taking the bow, each and every face was beaming in glory and happiness.

It was a job well done. I was really surprised to see how few words of encouragement can bring such an emphatic change in the attitude of children. If I restricted myself to the duty of just managing the children without bothering about how they are performing, the end result could have been different. As I was new, I had to take the initiative boldly, I took it and didn’t have to regret.

Thanks for reading. Taking advantage of the long weekend of three days, I wrote two posts back to back. I will try to be back with another one, whenever I get some free time.

Wishing you all health and happiness, adieu for now.

Pc: Me, though the picture is a little grainy but the real one!

The Birth of Incarnation

Hello friends, on the occasion of Krishna Janmastami,  I seek blessings from Lord Krishna for the well being of the entire world. In Hindu religion He is the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu (Narayan). As he himself told in the verses of Geeta that he takes birth into this mortal world to save the humanity from the evil. On this day we all celebrate the holy birth of the great savior.

As you may know that there are countless awesome stories related to Lord Krishna which is known as Krisna Leela. Today I will tell you about his birth. The story starts with a tyrant king of Mathura, Kansa. Although he was a terror for others, he loved his younger sister Devki, dearly. He got her married to a perfect suitor Vasudev with great enthusiasm. 

During sending her off after marriage he decided to become the driver of chariot himself as a mark of love for his sister. But then every thing turned upside down by a prophecy which said that Kansa would be killed by the 8th child of Devki. In rage he wanted to kill her sister but couldn’t out of his affection for her. He decided to put her sister and her husband in prison, so that he could keep an eye on them

He waitd patiently for the birth of their children. He turned deaf to his sisters heart wrenching plea of sparing her new born children’s lives and mercilessly killed the  seven children , born to her, one after the another. He didn’t want to take any risk. Now it was delivery time of the fateful eighth one!

Kansa was more than alert for the arrival of the child, his nimesis. He put extra layers of tough security around the prison so that even an insect couldn’t escape his attention.

It was the eighth day of the first fortnight of the rainy month of Bhadra, Devki was groaning in labour and crying at the same time,  knowing perfectly well that she would be bereaved of the new born in a short while after the baby’s birth.

But, miracle, when the clock struck 12 all the guards went to deep sleep and the heavy locks on the prison gate broke open by themselves! Vasudev was tending to his writhing wife. The next moment both were stupified to see the face of the newly born. It was angelic!! But there was no time to spare, the child had to be shifted somewhere.

Vasudev took the baby from the arms of the wailing mother, wrapped him in safety of the bundle of cloths,  put  him into a round cane basket. He then took the basket in his head and came out hurriedly. For the welfare of her child Devki allowed him to take the baby away putting a heavy stone on her heart. There was a fierce storm raging outside.

Vasudev knew that his friend Nanda of Gokul was going to be a father soon. He started on foot towards the village.  It was raining heavily, but the child was not drenched because to his utter surprise a large snake with huge hood was moving along with them blocking the rain!

Vasudev and baby Krishna!

When they eventually reached the village, all the people there,were sleeping soundly. From a window, Vasudev could see Nanda’s wife Yasoda sleeping with a new born baby girl beside her. He tip toed into the room, put his own child in her place, and put  the newly born girl into the basket. With one last look at his own baby boy who was smiling and staring back at him, he tore his gaze away and hurriedly came out of the room . There was no time to loose, he had to return back to the prison before anybody could get a whiff of the baby swapping.

The next morning, Kansa was informed about the childbirth he was restlessly waiting for. He went to the prison, and snatched the baby away from Devki. The nes parents pleaded helplessly that the baby is a girl, how could she do any harm to the powerful man like him. But he was heedless, as he was about to throw the child on the floor to kill, it slipped from his hand and vanished! Another prophecy wrung into the air, “The one who would kill you is growing up in Gokul”.

Friends it’s such a co-incidence, that we just celebrated the birthday of the eighth child, the Lord Krishna at home and afterwards I finished writing the story. It’s right now, past twelve o clock of midnight, the storm with heavy rain is raging outside!

Hope you liked the story. If you want to know  what happened to the little boy in Gokul then do let me know, I shall be more than happy to tell you about our little naughty but highly adorable and cute toddler Krishna!

Celebrating the Art of Photography.

Cover pic ctsy: My son, Aditya

Hello friends, on the occasion of world photography day, I wish a very happy, meaningful, memorable and aesthetic photographic journey to all, who are interested in this art. The advent of quality camera fitted in the Android phones, have made photographers out of every body today, although of varied proficiency and skill. Nevertheless we get to see so many exquisite photographs of nature, people, their customs, ceremonies and colourful festivals. The social media has also facilitated to share and view such a wide array of photography, right at the reache of our fingertips.

On 19 August, every year the World Photography Day is observed worldwide to celebrate the art, craft, science and history of photography. The history of this day can be traced to the announcement of French government of offering the first ever ‘daguerreotype’ photographic process, a gift free to the world. Since then the art of photography has come a long way.

There are so many priceless memories and stories hidden in our old photographs. It makes us laugh and sometime teary, just looking at them. They are the real treasure trove! The piece of life we have left behind are refreshed once again.

From the black and white photos of our older generation to the state of the art gems of the present one, each photograph give a glimpse of the story it weaves. We sometimes watch it mesmerized by their grandeur or the artistic expression or just simplest expression of emotions.

Friends, art in any form gives us happiness, the veritable food for the soul. Let us all spread the wings of our creativity and indulge in some form of art, stealing some times out of our busy schedules and spread the happy vibes all around.

Here are a few snaps clicked by my son Aditya.

The Power of Silence

Silence is free from beginning and end. It was before the beginning of all things……It’s the home ground of all creative activity – Jean Klein.

Hello friends, sometimes you just go through your earlier blogs and feel like reblogging them again. This blog is it. In my present, hectic life , I needed this much reassuring reminder about the power of silence. Hope you also like to give it a read, may be again! So here it is!!

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday was a moonless or New Moon night which we Indians call Amavasya. Precisely this one is known as Mauni Amavasya. This is observed to mark the importance of mauna(silence) in spirituality and general well being.

Mauna is drawn from the word ‘muni’, the ascetic who practises silence. Mauni Amavasya is symbolic of the need to quieten down, take a pause and reassess the journey undertaken so far, so as to gather strength to start afresh for the journey ahead. It’s a call to choose the road wisely, prioritize one’s goals depending about the ideal life, one wants to lead.

Observing silence doesn’t mean one has to isolate and deactivate oneself. It should be an effort to declutter the mind and reflect calmly and sanely. It can be done while performing the daily chores of life. It’s the process of pacifying unruly mind into discipline and obedience so that one could carry on with all the aspects of life with clarity of purpose and perseverance.

Silence can initiate an inner dialog with oneself which is very essential to be creative and plan things properly. It’s never going to serve any cause if we observe silence and our mind running riots with our thoughts and emotions. It should be an effort to establish a harmony with our inner self, listen to what it want to say and then decide our future course of action.

The chief criteria of any idea or creativity to struck, silence and calm must prevail in our minds. Otherwise it would be nothing but hit and miss, it will disappear from the screen of the mind before we could get a grip over the finer points and could go on to build a credible base for our future forays and expeditions.

Thich Naht Hanh refers to this transforming voice of silence as the ‘power of quiet ‘ in a world full of noise. He would gently ask people to heed this eloquent sound of silence to hear the call of life and love.

Friends, for being successful in life we must follow the calling of our heart and mind. We must be patient and silent to understand it’s true calling. Once we start following the dictats of own inner self we could not be swayed from our chosen path and the determination can see us through in any adversity we may face on the way. Success should be ours one day.

Thanks for reading. Wish you all happiness, health and success in life.

Adieu for now.

Featured image courtesy: Riya Mukherjee.