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Lighting up the Hearts

Hello friends, I wish health, happiness and prosperity, for you all, on the after eve of Diwali. As far as Indians are concerned, this festival of light, needs no introduction. However for those who have no idea about one of the most important festival of India, I must tell them that on Diwali each and every Hindu homes are thoroughly cleaned, decorated with colourful fairy lights, rangolis and diyas (earthen lamps). People welcome Lord Ram’s arrival back to his capital Ayodhya along with his wife Sita and the entourage after spending fourteen years in exile.


 He also killed the demon king of Lanka, Ravana, who had arrogantly dared to abduct Sita, to make her his wife. After a fierce battle, the latter was decimated by the former, which we celebrate as Dussehra, twenty days prior to it.

Rangoli at our doorstep


Diwali is mainly celebrated as victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. The cleanliness and light are symbolic of dispelling the darkness and gloom residing in the corners of the hearts of people. We also worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesa, the deity siblings, for wealth and prosperity. In Bengal Goddess Kali, the fierce form of Goddess Durga is also worshipped during the auspicious moonless night of Diwali.


Friends, one thing associated with Diwali, which is quite hazardous and harmful to environment, that is bursting of firecrackers in every household. I own that the fireworks provide a rush of adrenalin and excitement to the revellers, but there were countless instances of people getting injured playing literally with fire, crackers that is. The toxic fumes releasing into the atmosphere, used to engulf all the cities and towns of India, spreading a blanket of smog for days, afterwards. Thankfully not anymore.


Due to raised awareness towards environment protection, strict vigilance on the part of administration the practise has currently come down to a great extent. Some green crackers do come up in the market which is said to be environment friendly.


Un-fortunately in other part of the world, live bombs are still being dropped to destroy the infrastructure and kill innocent people. A forecast of a bleak winter, when a large part of humanity might have to withstand chilly condition without proper heating system could become a harsh reality.


Let’s pray that good sense prevails and the mindless war comes to a stop. Wishing peace and prosperity all across the world, I fold my today’s edition. See you again with another of my post. Do keep reading and stay connected.

Adieu for now.

Cover photo : Lakshmi -Ganesha Pooja at our home.




Cheers to Women.

Hello friends, I wish Happy Women’s day to all my friends. As any celebration remains incomplete without every one joining in, so let’s mark the occasion together. Let’s raise the proverbial toast for the health, happiness and well being for all.

For all my women friends in particular, out there, I specially wish for more power, love, wisdom, patience and perseverance to run the journey called life with more aplomb and effciency, side by side to their menfolks.

Friends, today we women have come a long way to become two equal wheels, along with our respective life partners, in running a household and taking decisions together. As I earlier said that it’s mostly the women’s prerogative as a mother to mould her children’s personality and their way of thinking right from the infancy. She can inculcate the moral discipline and the idea of gender equality and mutual respect in her kids, so that they grow on to become responsible citizens.

We have to become a source of strength to men as mother, daughter, sister, wife or a friend.

As modern women have mostly become active in various professions, alongside managing the home affairs, I wish them more strength and success in negotiating all her responsibilities with equal elan. I also want to remind them to share the duties and chores with men to avoid getting exhausted or burnt out.

And yes, I would like to remind women not to forget to find some me time to rejuvenate themselves. Try to keep the woman in you, remain bubbly, energetic and youthful as ever, whatever age-group you happen to belong.

Happines, health and peace to you all!!

Adieu for now.


The Seeds of Peace

People are tired of games played for power and profit; they are tired of hatred and conflict. They want to live with more wisdom, confidence and in peace. I am convinced that the 21st century must see a movement to sow the seeds of peace, happiness and trust in every person’s heart  Daisaku Ikeda.

Hello friends, I had written this post when there was a danger of using of weapons of mass destruction in the ongoing war. Though the danger of the use of nuclear weapons have reduced a bit, but the war is waging and people are dying or forced to live a life of extreme hardship in excruciating winter. Please do give it a read.

The veracity of the above quote is so apt and relevant, in the present day context.As the world was getting over the merciless mowing down by an invisible virus, suddenly the catastrophe of a war was thrust over innocent people. Ever since, a year has been passed but the bombing and counter bombing is going on relentlessly with no clear victor in sight.

The war might be waging in one part of the world but the reverberation can be felt all around the world. Still, there is lack of cohesive determination to try to solve the crisis at the earliest and rescue the common citizens and soldiers from the further hardships.

People dearly want to live freely, peacefully and happily along with their loved ones. These most basic human rights have been denied to so many for such an arduous long time. Now powers that be are talking about using the Intercontinental Balistic Missiles, IBMs to bomb each other out.

This situation reminds me of a story of Bhashmasura, a demon of Indian mythology. He had said to have acquired invincible powers by praying to Lord Brahma,  as a boon. When Lord Brahma appeared before him to give the boon. He made another wish that he must get the special power of touching anybody’s head, the person instantly may reduce to ashes.

When he was eventually bestowed with the special powers, he was itching to test it. Finding no one apart from Lord in front him, he moved forward to put his hand on the revered God himself. It was such a crisis!

Lord Brahma tried to escape from him, by presuading him in many ways not to do such a blunder. But Bhashmasura was adamant.

Now Lord Vishnu came to his rescue, by appearing as a beautiful lady and charmed the demon. She went on artfully, as a performance of a dance move with him, lead him to put his hand over his own head. And the next instant, he was reduced to ashes.

Acquiring power people become blind to their own folly which eventually lead to their downfall.

Friends the same thing is happening yet again, man have acquired the power to destroy continents, now some are restless to use them to showcase their amassed military might. The consequences might not be any different from the fate of Bhasmasura.

A few mindless humans have the potential to reduce the entire humanity into ashes. Yet they are adamant to persue the same course to destruction, no matter what, as moths are drawn towards the fire.

Let there be a movement to sow the seeds of peace, happiness and trust in every person’s heart.
We must pray and wish unitedly for world peace, and restoration of human rights and prosperity in  every corner of the world.

All About Growing ‘Wester’ Mushroom

Hello friends, I greet you all in a fresh new year with this post. The first week of this year is already behind us. Winter vacation ended and the schools have started in full swing. Taking advantage of the weekend, I’m typing this. Whenever I come across something worthwhile, always like to tell you about them. It’s about mushroom farming.

You might think that what’s so new about mushroom farming? When it is undertaken by an old retired couple right in theire own house, then the process takes a whole new dimension. When I got to meet the septuagenarian man, being introduced by my hubby, he invited us to see his project. I immediately agreed, curiosity and excitement filling up my mind.

Getting ready to sprout

When I reached there, found a four storied house. He took us to the first floor, his wife greeted us. They have six kids but all of them flew the nest after taking up jobs and getting married. The man showed us the produce of mushroom which was kept to be sold to a supply chain.

Friends, I was expecting button mushrooms but they were of different variety! He called them ‘wester mushroom ‘ as it looked like a jhinuk (a bengali term for oysters ). Then I came to understand that he is talking about oyster mushrooms which grows in a cluster.

Baby mushrooms ready to grow up!

I have tasted the kind, once in a restaurant and other time the next door lady gave us a dish of it. Both the time my tastebuds were not very encouraging towards it, so my interest to buy them and learn about it’s farming waned a little. Yet for civility’s shake, I purchased some. Then he took us to the 3rd floor. I was imagining some kind of beds, but there were several objects hanging from the ceiling. The room were closed devoid of any ounce of sunlight, only lit by yellow bulbs.

I recalled that mushrooms don’t require sun light for photosynthesis, just draw their prepared food from dead organic matter (saprophytes). The atmosphere looked very eerie to me, the hanging obgect looked like zombies peering at us! When I focused on them, I saw the clusters of mushrooms in various stages of their growth, sprouting from the specially prepared set ups, which primarily appeared to me like a bundle of rice stalks.

In their peak.

He confirmed it be so and many other things added to it, which is essential for their proper growth. It was indeed a painstaking job to take proper care of them, he informed. I was amazed to see such hardwork and devotion from a person who had enough money to spend his retired life, doing nothing. Yet he chose to take up the challenge and is coming out really successful.

The mushrooms and the man!

Adding to this, he is also undertaking a makeover of a land parcel in front of his house, owened by his friend. It was lying unused, so he took his friend’s permission and started growing vegetables and flowers in it. It was really commendable. Such a creative and profitableuse of his spare time, which is quite abundant for him!

Friends if every body channel their spare time in a constructive way,  people would become much more cheerful and energetic. Shall we all not take inspiration from him to engage ourselves creatively, whatever we create might give us a lot of satisfaction. Just like I got while writing this piece to you. Your comments and reviews give me sustenance to continue.

Wishing you all a very happy,  crative and healthy new year. Adieu for now.

P.C.- My hubby.

Road to Punctuality and the New Resolution

There is no path to happiness; happiness is the path  — Budha

Hello friends,  we are just few hours away from a brand new year to unfold in front of us. As I have duely told you about my new year’s resolutions for the twin years, since I started blogging. I shall tell you today, the extent of my follow up regimen, besides telling you about the latest one I have thought for the year 2023.

The first resolution of 2021 was my decision to voluntarily segregate my bio degradable and non bio degadable waste generated at my home, which I am following to this date in letter and spirit.

For 2022,  I had decided to be punctual and have a date with time, the path to which I am woefully short and still sincerely striving to touch one deadline after the another. You could say I am barely scraping through!

After joining school in April, it’s a new test every day to stick to the borderline of time. I had to  literally jump, run and scamper through to catch the early morning conveyance, set up for a group of teachers including me, to carry us to school by 7.30 a. m.

Actually here my tendency of catching a nap a little more, if I get up at stipulated time of 5am., came in the way. When I actually get up half an hour afterwards, I was already lagging behind. If I happened to be awake on time, than my propensity of giving detailed instructions to my cook and other morning chores would shout out to me to finish them. When eventually I look at the clock while going to take my bath and get ready for school, I was again behind time and had to run and run.

Resultantly, all the teachers had to wait for me at auto stand for a good five to ten minutes. They would reach at the meeting point at 7am (God knows how?) and I,  five to ten minutes afterwards, almost loosing my breath in the exercise. It took maximum 20 minutes through auto. So by 7.30 we were mostly in front of biometric attendance site at school.

If it crossed the mark they would give me frosty look, for being the sole culprit. The late marking is stipulated for beyond 7:35am, which fortunately we never had to cross. I was totally unaware that a storm was brewing!

One morning when I scrambled to reach the spot, almost breathless, found that the auto or my group of teachers were nowhere to be seen. I was flabbergasted thinking about the possible reason. Then I asked another group of teachers sitting in another auto, waiting for one of the member to arrive. They duely informed me that my auto has gone away leaving me behind!! It was like a bolt out of the blue.

Friends,  at that time I literally wanted to cry like a baby,  but the next moment overruled myself and asked them about the alternative, as I was new on that route. They advised me to book any running auto. I considered myself fortunate to have got one and hired it in astronomical price. The entire way, my eyes were constantly on my watch, my heartbeat racing along with the auto.

When I touched the biometric,  the time was showing 7:35am, that meant that I managed to be on the safe zone. The entire school hour  I was pondering about how to confront them calmly, as I was hurting inside with humiliation. They would always give me a ring asking about my whereabouts. But that day they chose particularly not to do, the purpose behind to punish me for making them to wait for me. I had no inkling that they would leave me stranded like that!

All the three teachers were far younger to me and I considered them as my little sisters. I had established a very friendly relation with them, chatting, teasing and laughing during the journey. When the school were over I came out and found them standing at a distance, our designated auto was yet to arrive to take us back . I kept a distance and stood silently.

With an obvious intention of seeing the fireworks,  the teachers whom I earlier enquired,  asked me whether I reached school on time. I nodded gently  and said that those people’s irresponsible action had made it rather impossible. It was like a trigger, as if on queue, all the three rushed forward as if almost ready to charge on the slightest pretext. They started pointing out that I was solely to blame for their highhanded behavior, their manners were so insulting and I decided that was it.

Without allowing others the fun of seeing a scene being created by the warring side. I just said, “Is this the way, fellow teachers behave then what should we expect from the children” and quietly left the place. I rushed forward to hail a passengers auto to reache home by myself, leaving them all behind, quite surprised and disappointed too, they were expecting a good catfight. That night I sent a cryptic message of not availing the auto service anymore.

Friends if I tell you the truth, the incident turned into a boon for me, as my husband has now taken the responsibility of dropping me to school every day by car! Afterwards I came to know that the middle section teacher have a late marking threshold of 7:40 a.m! Therefore, I’m now trying my best not to cross the new deadline!

In the new year I am determined to follow up the path to punctuality with great perseverance. Now about the fresh resolution. My dear friend Cheryl has pointed me out that I should give more importance to self care, which I realized that I am quite negligent about.

So taking care of my body and mind and prevent them from  burning out from fatigue should be my priority. Being healthy and happy should be the mantra for the new year for everyone. 

Wish you all the wealth of happiness and health. There should be peace and prosperity in every home and the world. See you all in the coming new year.

P. C. – My daughter Riya. The fresh winter bloom in our housing society.

Conquer through Love and Compassion

The measure of a man is what he does with power – Plato

Hello friends, today we will talk about how the world could be conquered. In recent times, it’s more than apparent that some power centers in the world are hell bent to forcibly, violently and sometimes stealthily to capture the land of others, for whom the freedom is as dear as for anyone. Have they succeeded in their endeavors? Certainly not.

It’s the genuine love, compassion and devotion and selfless sacrifice, the world can come to one’s feet. Lord Jesus, a commoner, born to a poor shepherd couple, Joseph and Mary, commanded no material power or authority. Yet, he came to be exaltedas the apostle ofGod. He showed the world the path of love and compassion to follow to reache God. Jesus engaged himself in healing the people in disress and spreading the message of love and devotion through his parables. Soon he had a large number of followers.

Though he was crucified to nullify his power but it failed to deterr from making him the central figure of Christianity.Today not only the Christians, Lord Jesus is revered by the people of all religion. He won the the hearts of people through love and compassion.

Similarly, Emperor Ashoka of Mauryan Dynasty in ancient India who famously renounced the path of war and embraced the path of love, humanity and welfare of poeple of his kingdom. For whom H G Wells once said that amid tens of thousands of the names of monarchs, ‘Ashoka’s name shines almost alone like a star’. The massive death and devastation of the famous war of Kalinga, made him realise the futility of violence. The lands might be won not the hearts. Ashoka is still remembered not for his conquest but spreading the message of non violence and love .

Friends, there is a proverb, if one dig a hole for others to fall, one day the person would inevitably find himself or herself in the same pit. Just like a boomerang, your karma will catch up with you no matter how far you run.The blind lust for power and authority is not uncommon in history and its consequences were there for all to see. Be it Alexander the Great, Napoleon or the much reviled Hitler, all wanted supremacy to conquer the world with their ruthless power. Ater inflicting so much blood shed on mankind entire herculean efforts eventually came to naught.

If somebody has power and money, the person must not strive to gather more of it any which way, rather use it to make the life of oneself, family and people around better and comfortable. The muscle or monetary wealth never going to win hearts for one but good deeds, generosity and kindness would.

Money and power are transient but the benevolence and compassion shown to fellow living beings would stay in people’s heart, forever.

We are standing at the threshold of the year. It’s time for reflections and retrospection and also for making plans and the resolutions for the year ahead.

Let’s try to make extra effort to keep ourselves happy and many others too. Discard the atmosphere of hatred and and the feeling of indifference and apathy towards fellow human being. Let’s hold the hands of weak and infirm and sincerely spread the message of love and empathy all around.

Let’s try to make our society and the world a better place to live in.

Happy season’s greetings to you all.
Adieu for now.

A glimpse of the hiatus.

What you put into life is what you get out of it. — Clint Eastwood.
Hello friends,  I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I know, I have taken a very long but unintentional hiatus from writing a blog and connecting with you. Believe me, several times, I looked at my laptop, yearning so much to write something, then the next moment got literally swept away by the demands of running a home and a class!!

By a class, I mean to say I have been the class teacher of the boisterous students of standard V, comprising of forty-five of them. Earlier I just had to handle only two at home and now an entire lot. All of them seem to have perpetually to say something or the other to me and have to solve their problems on the spot.

A handmade greetings card made by a dear student ❤

Besides teaching, a plethora of official works, household chores vying for my attention all the time, with a deadline attached. In addition to that I have become a cashier too, collecting money for excursion, karate dress, badges, children news paper subscription and so on. Keeping tab of the collected money, counting, cataloging and submitting them finally is a tense job. I have to be mindful otherwise any mismatch and I have pay from my pocket.

Thankfully and taking some help from my banker husband I have passed the tests by fire. The excursion with children was another experience I would always treasure , they were so happy to find their teacher in an informal setting. They sang,  danced, played and ate but surprisingly all behaved so well that there was not a single untoward incident, I was so dreading about.

In a nutshell, I have been transported to a new pattern of life, in which I get up at 5. 30 in the morning, take a bath, do my worshipping rituals and run for the school by seven. The routine which was quite unthinkable earlier. Yet I am thankful to God and my family who gave confidence and courage to sail through,  sometimes turbulent waters. 
Friend, my winter vacation has started and today I have resolved to write and here I am. I shall try bring up the thoughts circulating in my mind in my upcoming blogs, as long as my vacations last.

Let’s pray to Lord Jesus to bless us with peace, happiness, safety and health. We must try to bring cheers to the people around us as much as our capabilities could extend.
Enjoy the festivities. Adieu for now.

P. C. – The decoration, cake and photograph by my daughter Riya.

A Glimpse of a Carnival

If you understand others, you are smart. If you understand yourself you are illuminated. If you overcome others, you are powerful. If you overcome yourself, you have strength. If you know how to be satisfied, you are rich. If you can act with vigour, you have a will. —     Lao Tzu  

Hello friends, I greet you all with the above enlightening quote. These are the nuggets which indeed give us the right perspective of how to negotiate life.  Now coming to the subject of this blogpost. It’s about the Diwali Carnival, our school,management organized for all the teachers, right from nursery to higher secondary on the evening of November 5.

After a small cultural programme,  a game of delightful housie and a lucky draw, we all came out into the grounds. What followed afterwards was a spectacular show of fireworks, lined up one after the another.

A collective gushing of people enjoying the fare, was floating all around. All mesmerized by the scintillating visual of thousands of colourful flakes of tiny sparks of light burstting and dancing across the darkened sky of the evening.  The ethereal moon and a sparkling star in the clear sky was providing a stunning backdrop for the bursting of firecrackers.

In my previous blog, I mentioned the hazards of fireworks. But, if organized in a systematic manner for a large number of people to enjoy, I think it’s worth it. Specially when it’s happening after a gap of two tedious and depressing years of lull.

A video grab of the amazing firework

To sum up the post, I must tell you that a sumptuous and delectable meal of a vegetarian fare was arranged for all, on the open grounds of the school. Right from the starters to main course, sweets and of course the  heavenly ‘faluda kulfi’ icecreams every one enjoyed the delicious food with the heady mix of nonstop chattering.

At the end when we proceeded fot the thanksgiving to the President sir, I said effusively that I would never forget this magical experience in my lifetime. In reply, he said that never consider any event as one off, they are one of the several milestones in life,  who could say the next carnival might be more spectacular! He is so right!!

Friends  that’s it for now, shall meet you again, managing and sqeezing some spare time.
See you then,  adieu for now.

Sky is the Limit.

Hello friends, it’s been a really long time, since I connected with you.There were so many topics, which I wanted to share with you. But as I said earlier, I got swept away on the tides of time. Unable to find a suitable window to have a chat with you.

The entire September was taken up by the Half Yearly examination, preparing result cards and the parents teacher meeting. It may sound like a regular chore for a teacher, nothing exceptional. Yet, a nouveau on the arena like me, it was literally a huge mountain to surmount!

Can’t say that the entire process was a cakewalk for me. I stumbled big time on the way, once the situation was so dire that I thought that there was no way out. Fortunately I got the support of a credible engine which propelled me out of an imminent catastrophe.

Friends, sometimes the situation becomes so complicated that you think that this is it! You may never come out of it unscathed. And then a kind of a divine intervention occurs(I’m a true believer) and you find yourself safely off the line of fire.

Actually, saying the truth, I have as much idea of handling a computer as a kid has of the working of a sophisticated weapon! My family and the co- teachers were constantly reminding me to learn it, as computers today have become an inherent part in every aspect of our life including teaching. In the past I somehow scraped through the situations with the help of my son who is a pro in operating the device. I thought, this time too I would succeed to sail through, but no way!

As a class teacher I had to  prepare the result cards of the students using a consolidated Excel sheet, Mail merge, editing and then taking the stuff on a flash drive and submitting it for printing the hard copies of result cards. Upto halfway I completed it with the help of my son at home.

The rest of the assignment had to be completed at the school hour itself, as we were informed that it was mandatory  the final soft copies were to be given for printing that working day only! So, no room for maneuvering. Getting my son’s assistance was completely tossed out of the picture. We all headed for the computer lab, my throat drying up, as if I was ordered to fire a Kalashnikov automatic rifle without knowing exactly where the trigger was, let alone firing from it!

I was new, so another teacher was deputed to help me with the Mailmerge, and I was supposed to edit and crosscheck the marks from the mark register. What a dilemma! When I tried to take control of the mouse, it was running haywhere! The keys of the keyboard were absolutely alien to me, as I never bothered to work at it, despite the repeated reminders of my family. Though I was familiar with the keyboard of a tab as I write my blogs in it.

The Vice Principal Ma’am, asked one of the senior teachers to assist me, but in a few minutes the person got exasperated with a snail-like pace of mine. Assessing the hopeless situation, Ma’am decided to take the matter in her own hands. She asked the teacher to move away and promptly settled herself beside me and started the process of editing almost from the beginning. There were 46 student’s result cards to be edited!

All the other teachers toiling with their own task, looked at the proceeding with sheer disbelief. It was indeed hard to fathom that she would come to my rescue in this way! After almost three hours of painstaking hardwork the copies were finally ready for printing.

That day when we were coming out of the precinct of the school, the darkness of the evening greeted us. My heart was feeling like a feather as a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulder. I saw Ma’am was also ready to leave on her scooty, I approached her and proffered my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to her.

Friends, the story afterwards is that my son has bought a laptop for me from his internship money and I have written this blog entirely with the help of the device. Hopefully at the time of annual results I would become computer savvy enough to do all my work without taking anybody’s assistance. I may call  it my end of the year resolve.

Shall meet you again shortly with another one of my blog. Stay safe and happy. Adieu for now.  

Home is where the heart is.

Hello friends, hope you all are well and getting along fine with your respective lives. As you might have read my latest post which deals with marriage and family, I thought it better to reblog my earlier post which deals with the safety net of a family and a home. These two are our basic requirements but sometimes we fail to invest as much time and energy into it, resulting in a friction between the members.

As we all know, a house becomes a home when a family resides in it and subsequently becomes a ‘home sweet home’ by the love and dedication, the family members tend to feel for each other. It’s  not hard to guess how the home would look like, lacking any of the above two.

As all the fingers of our hands are not equal, similarly  the disposition and habits of the family members, be it husband and wife, children and other extended members (in the case of joint family) can not be the same. The requirements are, a lot of patience, adjustments and perseverance by all to transform it into a harmonious dwelling.

Just for a small example, suppose husband, after a hair cut leaves traces of small hairs on the soap, the wife either would shout her lungs out for the indiscretion or calmly ask him to wash the bar to get rid of the irritating thing. If children do not remove their emptied bowls of cereal from the dining table or forget the smoothie glasses dry and uncleaned in their study table or for that matter not removing the discarded clothes to the laundry basket, after bath, its up to the matriarch, how she handles these. Leave aside, the hapless job of arbitrating the sibling quarrels and the adult fights.

The point is to be calm and persevere with the erring member untill the person correct his or her faults. Maintaining a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere at home is indeed a delicate balance. All the family members must strive to uphold it to preserve an atmosphere of general well-being.

It’s the responsibility of the homemaker to act like jokey, maneuvering, adjusting and channelising her entourage towards safety and happiness. The main focus should be on averting potential landmine of conflict which could jeopardize the peace of mind of all. Each should be aware of the problems faced by the other one and unitedly try to fix it at the earliest. Have fun and healthy banterings during the meal times. Give equal importance and attention to each member. Make their opinions count while taking any important decision. Don’t crack jokes at the expense of other’s sensibilities.

Friends, we must all try to keep the ambience of our respective homes so enticing, that one experiences an instant solace just getting inside it. Listening out each other’s grievances and acting upon, to rectify it may do the trick. A tidy clutter free home with caring people is the best recipe to make our lives blissful. Then why queer our own pitch by starting an argument and sticking on it for toxicity ‘s sake? Nip the problem in the bud, before it becomes a humongous one.

Keep smiling and try to bring a smile on other’s faces too!

Adieu for now.