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Time to Chain The Monster Called Air Pollution

Have you ever imagined that a country like India has to incur a loss of about Rs 3.6 Trillion, as estimated by Lancet and the air pollution, the main cause behind it. More so, the same slow poison called air pollution is also responsible for 1.7 million untimely deaths annually in India. Therefore the news, that the Finance Minister of India has promised Rs 2,217 crore budgetary allocation to tackle air pollution, convinced me to remain optimistic. In the metros and particularly the NCR ( National Capital  region, Delhi ) has topped the Lancet ranking in highest concentration of particulate matter PM 2.5, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen. Pune, Kolkata and Mumbai are not far  behind . The majority, about 70% of it is locally generated and it’s plainly evident that the ever increasing  urban sprawl is aiding and abetting it.

Shridhar Vembu, Founder of Joho

Regarding this, I want to tell you  about  Sridhar Vembu, the billionaire founder of a software development firm, Joho. The surprising element is that he is working from a remote village near Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu and was recently honoured with Padma Shri. He says, “We just can not keep on bringing more people into these already crowded cities. The corporate social responsibility now means how we are going to avoid this.” True to his words, his software firm has been moving aggressively locating jobs out of Chennai to Tenkasi. Mr Vembu calls the moving back of talent as top soil restoration and prevention of further top soil erosion.Friends, we are direly in need of many more corporates with such refreshing thoughts and agenda to contain the prevailing, one way traffic towards the urban centers.

Now, about a pan India solution, to mitigate the air pollution at the source, two things can be done,
1. Moving away from fossil fuel to electric and renewable energy mobility in public transport.
2. Trapping air pollutants emitted by the industries, power plants and transport.
The government is targeting to provide 7,000 electric buses to 100 cities with a 40 % capital  cost.If the scheme is achieved, it has the potential to transform public transport for the better.
Private sectors must follow the public leads. The city administration can partner with private sector to develop innovative business models, amenable to cleaner air.
Citizens should be encouraged to switch to electric operated cars by setting up charging facilities at their convenience and giving them adequate tax sops at the time of purchase, in comparison to petrol or diesel operated one.
Time is thus ripe for a new urban Go-Green movement protecting polluters from themselves. The prevailing situation needs immediate, concrete and collective action. All we need to do is to change our mindset and perspective to accommodate and embrace fresh ideas to save us from ourselves.


Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

28 thoughts on “Time to Chain The Monster Called Air Pollution

    1. People can live a disciplined life if forced by something perceptible like the pandemic but always tend to ignore the consequences of degradation of environmennt as its ill effects are not so apparent. If we can keep our homes neat and clean, why not mother earth….. Sooner we learn the better.

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      1. Yes! I so agree Mousumi the sooner this happens, the more hopeful it will be to save all of India’s precious animals from extinction. Sorry to go on about this I am a passionate animal lover especially of jungle animals threatened by deforestation.

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      2. I definitely agree πŸ‘ I wanted to do something big and bold to help the animals, particularly the beautiful animals in Asia so I recently created this website.

        I hope you like it πŸ’“ I have profiled a few animals so far from India but still have a lot more to do. The idea is to promote and raise awareness of all the animals threatened by deforestation of the world’s forests for palm oil, soy and other crops.

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      3. If you would like you can share your views on what is happening to the forests and disappearing animals on there too. I’m looking for bloggers at the moment about conservation in parts of the world where animals are disappearing rapidly

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    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation. The awarwness of pitfalls of pollution is very essential for the remedial steps to be taken collectively . We must redress our past follies, urgently, to ensure a more sustainable earth for future generations

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    1. A lot of thanks to you too for appreciation. It’s really a privilege to have a person like Sridhar belong to our country, India. We need more person like him to steer our country towards prosperity and sustainability.

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    1. Our government is working relentlessly to convert our country to hydrogen driven fuel and other renewable sources like solar panel, geothermal power etc to wean us away from the fossil fuel. Let’s hope it bears fruit very soon.

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