A way home.

Hello friends, the good news at last, the Coronavirus infections have peaked and the curve is steadily going down wards. Is there any room for complacency, no absolutely not! We all need to remain as cautious,  as we were, regarding the safety rules of social distancing, mask and hand washing. The festive season is round the corner, any drop of guard on our side can call back the devil again at our door step. The fierce rise in second wave in Europe and elsewhere is anything to go by. Nevertheless  we can breathe somewhat easily and look forward expectantly towards  Durga Puja, Navratra or Dussehra whatever you happen to celebrate. It’s also the time, we all like to give our respective homes, a make over. What about a make over to our attitude towards life itself and fellow human beings. No body can deny that the last few months’ doom and gloom made us feel a lot miserable but not anymore. We all acutely need course correction, about our perspective towards life. We must learn to believe that mankind is gonna triumph at the end. The victory of good over evil.

Friends, in my last post, I tried to emphasize, how the institution of a family can be our support system, a spring board to bounce back from any adversity.As I earlier said, a big luxurious house doesn’t make a home sweet home, the people living in it,do. The delicate balance of understanding each other’s need and compatibility make a home an abode of solace. I would like to categories the way to home sweet home in three parts:
1. Couple dynamics :  The relationship between the couple is the chief determining factor in establishing a bench mark of how a prospective home would look like. I have actually witnessed a few couples who spent their life time bickering with each other, in every pretext,thus making the life of other family members  a living hell, as well as their own. When they are destined to live together then why not make a sincere effot to amend and adjust each other’s likes and dislike and sensibilities. Make each other’s opinion count. Don’t do anything just to spite the other. If the couple do have issues and happen to fight, keep the elders and children out of it’s ambit. Those abusive and hateful words we tend to utter in anger, hurt a lot to the witnesses and idea of sweet home go for a toss. No matter how quickly you made up afterwards, these skirmish leave a lasting impressions on unpolluted hearts of the little ones. If couples succeed to present a loving and caring relationship with each other, the children would feel safe and happy and it goes on to ensure their emotional well-being. Do give it a try. If not for the sake of your self then at least fer them, leave your ego and baggages behind, reconcile and start afresh.

2. Parents  children equation : Children are like tiny sapling, if properly and carefully nurtured, grow to become like a stout tree,not only physically but mentally as well. What  they really need is equal proportion of love and disciplining. In current atmosphere parents have to more than double up as friends and emotional anchor, to sail through the upheavals , safely to the shore. You see, I have become a BTS (a Korean music band) fan and equally like to laugh my heart out on the antics of stand up comedians like Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart etc to give company to my daughter and son respectively. It indeed allows me to spend quality time with them. My husband  also tries his best to keep himself abreast to what’s going in our children’s lives, despite his busy work schedule. So, they don’t feel any reticence in discussing almost everything with us.A friendly and encouraging atmosphere is what they need to express themselves without any inhibitions.

3. Home ambience :  As home has added up to become office, schools and colleges, it has become imperative to make some changes. First, get rid of any furniture or article we don’t likely need to make a clutter free space. Add as much greens and flowers, no matter, real or imitation and some potpourri, it will make your heart blooming and fresh all the time. When I insist my children to tidy up their rooms,  my son replies exasperately, “Momma, no guests are coming,then what is the need?”He     consider me obsessed with cleaning and fails to see the logic of how a tidy home soothes the frayed nerves

So friends, let us try our best to make our homes beautiful by exerting ourselves physically as well as mentally so that it can radiate in our souls. Happy living to all of you.
Adieu for now.

All pics taken by me.

Published by MousumiSays

An ardent crusader to make the world a better and safer place to live in. Likes to remind the mankind their basic instinct of resilience in the face of adversity.

7 thoughts on “A way home.

  1. Very well said Mousumi…
    Family and home matter most in life… maintaining and sustaining relationships does not come easy …little things matter in strengthening bonds.. ..making homes..
    Stay blessed 🙏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks a lot. In today’s world family is the best refuge, no matter if it’s long distance, the emotional bond see us through. You and your family also stay blessed and happy 🙏🙏


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