A Sweet  Surprise!

Hello friends, sometimes in life, you absolutely go speechless, overcome by emotions.This morning it was my turn to be so. Actually, I got up today to find a painting of my marriage, neatly displayed on the dining table (cover photo). It was a surprise gift from my daughter on the occasion of our marriage anniversary. Well, gifts are always valuable to us but some of them become a part of our heart. The painting, exactly falls on this category. I feel truly blessed  to have my children!

Sketch of us, by our daughter Riya.

Friends, as wine ages better with time, the older it is, love and bonding between a couple get stronger with the passage of time. The level of understanding and coordination is fine tuned with every adjustment one make to accomodate the wishes of the other.

A marriage, essentially requires a lot of patience and perseverance on the part of either side to make it a best bargain. I feel a boundless gratitude to God to bestow me with a life partner, who has relentlessly moulded me to the person I’m now. Like a true friend, philosopher and guide, he had successfully turned a shy, reticent girl with no idea of the practical world, into a self confident woman who can express her thoughts with alacrity. My blog posts are anything to go by!

A marriage should be a lifetime commitment to stand in solidarity with each other through every thick and thin in life. One should feel secure, happy and contented in a union and for that a herculean effort is required from both sides. A little more genuine care for each other’s feelings goes a long way to ensure that.

True, the requisite of a successful marriage is, a lot of change and adjustment in one’s life style, yet it is worth  the investment, for a lifetime of love and companionship.A couple must compliment and complete each other. What say? I would love to know your take on it!

Loads of love for my dearest hubby for our anniversary. Pray to the Almighty to have you by my side till the last breath I take in this world.

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33 thoughts on “A Sweet  Surprise!

  1. You are so right with your thoughts on marriage! I have a question for you? Has society changed the way young people view marriage in your country? My husband and I are also married for life…….and our children have also been married only once……but I do not find that the norm in our country now! Our society is a throw away one I am afraid ……young folks think if something is not working as THEY THINK it should, it should be tossed to start over…..we have too many choices and people don’t like the thought of failure and most goods are easily replaced….They have translated that to marriage as well, I’m afraid. Also, the church does play a role in the family as it once did…….just my thoughts……..

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